Can a blue man sing the whites?

“Go to your studio and make stuff.” – Fred Babb




Bouganvilla blossoms, reminding me that purple is a healing colour. Given what COVID-19 has done to 2020, the overriding colour for the year would most certainly have been “BLUE“. And if Picasso could have a Blue Period, then I figure why can’t I… or in this particular posting a local Linden artist in whose studio I have spent many hours, before and after lockdown.


I have a fascination with the brushes in his workspace. There must be several dozen of various shapes and sizes and each time I arrive, I immediately seek out new clumps to photograph. I wonder if the is a collective noun for brushes?


The various tubes of paint of different types invariably vie for attention. Obviously, the colours lying around are a representation of the works that he is currently busy with.


More brushes. For someone like me who has only ever painted a wall or a cupboard and then thrown the brush away, this artist’s collection is a tribute to the esteem in which he holds these tools of his ‘trade’.


This might look like a painting, but it is merely the palette of colours being used for a current series of paintings for a local restaurant.


Standing proud…one of my favourite brush images.


Great globs of paint Batman…


Surrounded by friends, the artist tries to explain the work behind him…using interpretive dance!


A touch of green…I am envious.


And a palette knife rather than a brush to complete this blue posting…



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