Tracking goes online with Lee Gutteridge and Kersey Lawrence.

"We really love tracking, and believe that trackers are some of the most fun, humble, and curious people that we meet" Lee and Kersey



Hi there to our fellow trackers, my name is Lee Gutterage and this is an invitation to you to take a few minutes to explore our new online learning platform at




Our first course is now available! Just because travel has slowed down, your learning curve doesn’t need to! This course is based in Africa, but is designed so that it can be COMPLETED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Each of the 40 practical exercises should be done with your own local species in your own ‘back yard’.




• No time limit
• Start when it suits your schedule.
• Meet trackers from across the planet and follow their posts as they learn about species as diverse as Koala, Giraffe, Black bear and Red deer
• All levels of trackers can derive benefit from this course. From novice to CyberTracker Specialist will find value and benefits. 
• The comprehensive manual can be downloaded to your devices
• Practical fieldwork is submitted online and feedback is shared by us and our international community in our private Facebook group
• New learning routines based on our nearly 50 years of combined tracking experience are shared here for the first time
• This FGASA endorsed (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) certificate course currently costs an affordable $35.00. (R570.00 at the current exchange rate)




We have received great feedback to date, and our trackers come from countries as geographically distant and ecologically different as Tasmania, the Middle East, Africa, North American, Britain, Australia and Europe. And all from the comfort of their own homes while staying safe and healthy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.




Looking for a gift for the nature lover in your life? Perhaps you want to add to your own nature library? Then both these books should be considered. We are often drawn to both bird and mammal tracks, but what about the invertebrates? They too play a very important role in the ecology of any geographical area.




I have signed up for the course and will be keeping my readers updated and informed on my progress and perceptions of the course.

Which reminds me of the old joke…How do you know if there is an elephant in your fridge? Look for the footprints in the butter.




We hope you are well in these uncertain times, and that you will choose to join us on this journey of tracking exploration! For more information on how YOU can sign up for the course, contact either Lee Gutteridge or Kersey Lawrence (CyberTracker Senior Trackers, Trainers and Evaluators)