“In conversation with” guests. 24th-28th August.

"In conversation with" has been broadcast since May 2020, and has been proving to be very popular with Travel & Things viewing audience. I get to chat to people from within the tourist industry as well as entertainers, writers and sundry interesting folk. It is a non COVID-19 space where we can be positive, share a hot beverage and hold entertaining conversations.


The Professor and I chatted about the effects of long term lockdown on mental health as well as how people will assimilate once the lockdown is over. A long road for many of us. Gillian EagleĀ is a Professor of Psychology in the School of Human and Community Development at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and a Clinical Psychologist.


Rico and I discussed the current cartoon landscape and what he is doing to keep current without being seen as disrespectful. His contribution to the “Madam & Eve” strip cartoon is legendary.


I discovered Tannie Maria when I was on holiday with my wife and I had run out of books to read. I found ‘Death on the Limpopo’ in her suitcase, but I was told that it was a chic book and not for me. Well, it was either that or me reading the back of the cereal packet. I read the book from cover to cover almost in a single sitting. This was the third of three books in the current Tannie Maria series. There is one more and a cookbook currently in the works. BTW, the other books are Recipes for love and murder and The Satanic Mechanic.


Tony and I discussed the Karoo and food…and food and the Karoo. And, come to think of it, a whole lot more as well.


I could think of no better way to end off Women’s month than with an interview with the very funny Khanyisa Bunu. From comedy to chicken farming and many other things as well! Happy Fun Friday.


Sam spoke to me about his successful ascent of Majuba Hill(1680m) to raise money for his charity of choice, Help for Heroes. The Battle of Majuba Hill took place on 27 February 1881 was the final and decisive battle of the First Boer War. It was a resounding victory for the Boers. (The British suffered 93 casualties and the Boers 1). If you wish to make a donation, the use the following contact details. justgiving.com/fundraising/sam-leahy21.Congratulations to Sam on a successful climb, both my reaching the top and in raising over R15000.00 for his charity of choice.