“In conversation with” guests. 17-21 August, 2020

"In conversation with" has been broadcast since May 2020, and has been proving to be very popular with Travel & Things viewing audience. I get to chat to people from within the tourist industry as well as entertainers, writers and sundry interesting folk. It is a non COVID-19 space where we can be positive, share a hot beverage and hold entertaining conversations.



Benno and I chatted about when the international travel ban might be lifted and we also shared anecdotes of coach tours.


Tove and I used to work for the same radio station many years ago, then she moved to my home town before making her to Ireland. It was great to reconnect with her again.


Colin and I chatted about a variety of nature and anti-poaching related issues. A real eye-opener as to what is actually happening in the field.


Natalia and I chat about the state of the travel industry, pre the announcement of the implementation of Level 2. It will be interesting to see what happens now that leisure travel inter provincially is being allowed without permits.


Joey takes us on a walk through his garden and home as we chat about comedy and the effect that lockdown is having on this veteran comedian.


There was an extra Zoom chat this week to help young Sam Leahy raise money for a charity…Help for Heroes…by climbing Majuba Hill. An avid military historian, this was the site of one of the definitive battles between the Boers and the British, which the former won.