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“An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.” — Lazarus Long



Still housebound! I long for the sound of my wheels on an ‘N’ road going somewhere…even if it is only intra-provincial under the current revised Level 3 lockdown. That being said, it amazes me that reserves I have contacted in and around Johannesburg have not responded to my calls or emails. In fact, on the website of one of the largest tourist attractions near Johannesburg, 4 out of the 5 numbers are no longer working and the final number rings continuously! Voice notes and emails go unreturned. Can’t say that I did not try.


From a time long ago, when the world was a softer, gentler place and the current wave of fear and trepidation did not weigh heavy on our shoulders and in our minds. There is something innately happy about a young giraffe.


Eye spy. This is one of the largest lionesses I have ever come across. Post-coital, she was taking a break from the male or it could have been the other way around as he was MUCH smaller than she was and judging by his demeanour, tired of her advances at that point in time.


“When the grass is as high as an elephant’s eye”…these words from Oklahoma sprang to ming as I snapped the shutter. The truth? I had the wrong lens and this was all that I could focus on. This bull was less than 5m from me and feeding quietly, unperturbed by my presence.


FINALLY, after a 53-year wait, I get to see a Pangolin in the wild. November 2019 and I got to spend 90 minutes with this rather hefty male.


“What is that odour”? For a change, this buffalo is testing the air for females that might be ready to mate, rather than looking at me like I forgot to pay him protection money.


Another bucket-list tick…and another 53-year wait comes to an end! Aardvark, June 2020 and the day before my birthday.


It has been a while since I posted a butt shot. But (pun intended) with the amount of food that I have been eating during lockdown, I figure I could ask myself the question “do these tracksuit pants make MY butt look big”!


Calling out…this Impala ram was making all the right mating noises. I hope that he got lucky. When out on a morning game drive, I always congratulate the Impala that has survived the night and will hopefully live for a while longer.


Time to hunt! This was the beginning of a chase that did end in the death of an impala, which was then ‘stolen’ by a group of hyena that had been following the wild dog pack.


Time to fluff up the tail feathers?


Where I long to be…on a body of water, watching the sunset as a straggler flies in to roost for the night.



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