“In conversation with” guests. 13-17 July, 2020

"In conversation with" has been broadcast since May 2020, and has been proving to be very popular with Travel & Things viewing audience. I get to chat to people from within the tourist industry as well as entertainers, writers and sundry interesting folk. It is a non COVID-19 space where we can be positive, share a hot beverage and hold entertaining conversations.



Another week of eclectic guests on “In conversation with”. From my home office in a freezing Johannesburg, I got to spent time with a variety of guests who interested me…and hopefully you, the viewer, as well. I started the week on a high note and it ended with David and Goliath.



Birding is fast becoming one of the most popular pastimes during lockdown. Doug Newman and I chatted about birding and a whole lot more.


Hilton Walker and I chatted about Great Plains conservation and what his job as Managing Director of Sales, Marketing and Reservations entails.


This is author and educator, Lori Anne Preston’s first novel as well as being responsible for both the publishing and marketing of Selective Hearing. We chat about what it is like to try to launch a new book during lockdown.


Thursday was International Snake Awareness Day and Johan chatted to me about why people fear snakes, which are the most deadly and how to deal with snakes and snakebites. Have YOU ever heard of the Bibron’s Stiletto Snake? I had not but it turns out that this sneaky reptile has fangs that protrude sideways out of its mouth. If you pick it up by the back of the head, it is able to stick you and they are highly venomous. Johan’s advice with all snakes? Stay at least 5 paces away and call for professional help. For all of the required information, download their FREE app. ASI on both Android and Apple devices.


Jason shared his best and worst comedy gigs. His philosophy of happiness and how to make people laugh.