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I bet when cheetahs race and one of them cheats, the other goes like "Man, you are such a cheetah"! And they laugh and eat zebra or whatever.-Anon


Once again, as the sky lightens over Africa, I delve into my vault to find images for this Monday update. There is something magical about mornings in Africa, whether you actually get to see the sunrise or just a hint as the horizon starts to lighten and the clouds start to glow.


Wet whiskers. Difficult to have a drink AND keep your chin dry at the same time. The scars on the face of this lion tell a story of battles won and challenges overcome.


On the march…from the King of the Jungle to those insects that keep the order in the undergrowth. These used to be known as Matabele Ants, but they now seem to be referred to as Hissing Ants, due to the noise that they make as they rush along to find their prey of choice…termite larvae.

Did you know? Many ant species produce formic acid an irritant that is used to deter possible predators. The acid has a subtle smell of urine, hence ants have been given the nickname pismires since the 14th century.


This one will need an explanation seeing that it is a broken toilet in the middle of a wildlife posting. This is still something that I wish I had not been the cause of. This was taken pre-lockdown while I was working with a training company and staying at one of their camps. Dinner had been completed and seeing the tents did not have individual toilets, I decided to use the ablution block before heading to bed. Now, this was not my first visit to this camp or, for that matter, this toilet. There is no electric lighting in this facility and when I have been here before, I usually place my torch on the floor in the corner away from the bowl. For some reason, on this particular evening, I decided to balance it on the window ledge above the toilet. Needless to say that the moment I unzipped, it fell into the bowl and I was unable to stop it. Not only is it a heavy torch, but it also hit the bowl at exactly the right(or wrong) angle, smashing it in the process. But, as they say in the TV ads, “That is not all”… it continued to work while submerged! Luckily, nothing had transpired and I was able to fish it out and dry it off. Needless to say that when I went to call camp management to show them what had happened, they would not believe me at first. Unfortunately, there were no spares in camp, but as there were other toilets, it was not really an issue. It has subsequently been replaced and I have been welcomed back…on the understanding that I will, in future, put my torch on the floor.


Fearless. This young leopard, even though small, gives an indication of the adult that it might grow into.


From one spotted cat to another. Sunning itself in the morning light, this Cheetah keeps an eye open for the possibility of a meal that might wander past.


Talk about brand new. This baby Springbok was born just a few moments before I took this image.


Well at least this Spotted Hyena seems to be laughing. Not that there is much to laugh about in the current COVID-19 lockdown Level 3, where leisure travel is STILL not allowed. If there is a game reserve in the province in which you reside, then you can visit that for a day, but overnight visits are still not allowed (as of the last week in July).


My Veldskoen Shoes are in my cupboard at present, waiting impatiently to get dusty again.


And. as the sun sinks slowly into the West, it is time to be grateful for whatever you have, given the prevailing circumstances around the pandemic.



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