Another week trundles by. My Wednesday COVID-19 diary update.

Another week has passed and has anything REALLY changed? Personally I am not convinced that anything has, but I am hoping that someone will prove me wrong.


Another week and two more deaths of people that I know and have worked with in the past. I had seen neither of them for some time but I have special memories of the times that we DID get to work together. Both died on the same day and turning on Facebook that morning to register not one but the loss of both of them did make me reflect, once again, just how close the wave of this pandemic has lapped at my shore. Not physically, as I am self-isolating, but mentally, which is still an issue for me. And judging by the amount of coverage mental health is getting on social media platforms, I am not alone.


Time to stop and smell the flowers? I AM trying, but it is difficult. There are so many positive aspects of this situation that I am grateful for, but by the same token, those are balanced by the negatives that insidiously creep in on a daily basis. This week, the predominant feeling is the lack of motivation. Why? I suppose because I see various industries gearing up to tackle government and large insurance corporations, yet the only one that has succeeded seems to be the taxi industry. It thumbed its collective noses saying “We WILL be 100% full”! And what was the response from the government? OK, but you have to keep the windows open at least 50mm. WTAF? Tourism, restaurants and various others are trying to do the right thing but seem to be mired down by red tape and bureaucracy that is causing them to sink deeper into debt and possibly unable to recover once this lockdown is over.


I am looking for small ‘wins’, like this moth that joined me while I was working during the week. The beauty of this small creature, that does not have an extended life span, amazed and enthralled me. It lives its life with a singular purpose and then dies. It gathers no material goods, it is not in competition with others to see who has the biggest house or the best car…it just is. And perhaps that is what we have to become in our current situation as well as going forward. Reevaluate what we have against what we actually need. Do material items validate our existence? If so, why?


I long to get dust on my Veldskoen shoes again. And if I remember correctly, this image was taken in Botswana. So in the bush AND out of South Africa.


The road beckons. I have decided that once I am able to travel again, this is going to be the way to go…road trips with people I love and care about. Forget overseas travel for the next while, South Africa has so much to offer off the beaten track. Small town South Africa is on my bucket list for the foreseeable future, once the inter-provincial borders open and leisure travel is allowable again.


Time to sit as gently as this feather on our planet. For too long we have pillaged and destroyed the world that we live in and on, and it is time to take stock of how we can turn the tide and try to rectify the mistakes of the past. We can no longer take ANYTHING for granted and neither should we. COVID-19 has stopped us in our tracks, yet there who walk amongst us who believe those that say it is not happening. I have taken stock of my situation and I am trying to be a kinder, less judgmental person. Not always easy to undo years of conditioning, but I am trying.


Often I feel like I am being watched…and I look to the branches of the tree in my garden in the hope of seeing THIS. But the majority of the time the rustling of the leaves is caused by Hadedas.


Not quite time to tap out just yet. I still have things to do, places to go and people to meet.


This is an important video. Clinical psychologist, Charity Mkone, spoke to me about the effect that the long term lockdown is having on people and also what signs to be aware of when trying to offer help to those who might not think that they need it. As she pointed out, we are all allowed to have bad days, but when days stretch to weeks, then family and friends need to be concerned.


Well, that is it for another week. Much like the anti-vaxxers, there are now those who are anti-mask. I wonder if those who say that masks are an invasion of their Constitutional Rights are wearing seatbelts or for that matter obey any of the other enforced rules and regulations. If YOU are one of those, then I would rather NOT be in your company as I do not wish to place either myself or those that I love in danger. And I ask that I be respected for my decisions.

Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy and be aware. If you feel that you need to talk to someone, then contact SADAG at the number below.


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