Another Presidential speech that said? My COVID-19 Wednesday diary update.

"Be kind and be courageous". Anne Frank. The Diary of Anne Frank


Where do I begin this week? I like many other South Africans waited with bated breath to listen to what The President had to say on Sunday night. And what did he ACTUALLY say? Sweet FA! Nothing that we had not heard before and in fact, I had verbalized to family and friends on Sunday morning almost exactly what he would say…so no surprises there. I just wish that he would cut to the chase when he does dain to grace our TV’s. We have heard the numbers, we know to wear masks and we DO know how to wash our hands. Or do we? Perhaps he needs to stop being obtuse when he speaks? Many years ago at a Folk Festival in Port Elizabeth, the MC for the event was trying to get the crowd to stop smoking dope as there were police in the audience. Much like our President, he started off by trying to get the crowd to understand without using the words “dope” and “police”. He tried that several times, but the pall of dope smoke still hung just above the audience. Eventually, when several attempts had failed he just stepped up to the microphone and shouted. “Stop smoking weed there are undercover police in the venue” Perhaps that is what Cyril has to do now. Rip off the bandage, stop being politically correct and call a spade a bloody shovel if that is what it takes. Sure, there will be those who will be pissed off, but personally, I am gatvol of being at the sharp end of the stick because there are those who fail to follow simple rules. If you are prepared to wear sunscreen to keep from getting sunburnt(and possibly cancer) then FFS wear a mask in public. It is to protect others and not you necessarily. Yet there are still nay-sayers who believe that they are ’10-foot-tall-and-bullet-proof’, but in actual fact, they are not! I continue to self-isolate as best I can, only venturing out when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary (like to get medication)as everything else is actually a luxury.


Then, just to add insult to injury, ESKOM and the relevant municipal power entities reinstituted Load Shedding, or whatever name they are choosing to call it now. Despite a new CEO, ESKOM is still beset with the same problems that were with us a year ago…and the year before that…and the bloody decade before that. But, sheep that we are, we accept this as normal and when the votes are counted after the next election NOTHING will have changed. As an electrician, I don’t want to get into the technicalities of switching back on after an outage, but suffice to say that those that are tasked with that duty don’t seem to know WHAT they are doing. Hence, almost invariably after a switch on the power trips again. And then it is a scramble to get teams to the affected sub-stations to deal with the issues. Why, in the name of all things practical, can there not be a team already ON STANDBY? Is it that difficult to organise?


Currently, this is EXACTLY how I feel on a daily basis. I wake up at the same time that I used to pre-lockdown, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to tackle the day with gusto. Then my motivation fades within a short period of time and I am left with that feeling of “Why should I bother” that has been dogging me for the past few weeks. Not overtly, but covertly in the background, constantly chipping away at my resolve to be productive and proactive.


I am as confused as this 4-horned antelope, also known as a chousingha, that I spotted during a game drive through Pench National Park in India…back when international travel was permitted. As of Sunday night (12/07) the emergency disaster notification has been extended until the middle of August, and that might not be the final date. Still, uncertainty hangs over my head, like a Sword of Damocles. Except that phrase alludes to the imminent and ever-present danger faced by those in positions of power. However, it now seems that the sword is hanging over the citizens that no longer have any power…


Nothing to see here…or you can join me and do nothing from the safety of your homes.


The way that my wife and I currently feel. Luckily we are never both ‘down’ on the same day, so in a way, I am grateful that I have some support. I am certain that many of us, locked down with the family, suffer similar experiences. Up days and down with no end in sight. Just the hanging of the head in defeat and despair.


Well, that is it for another week. Much like the anti-vaxxers, there are now those who are anti-mask. I wonder if those who say that masks are an invasion of their Constitutional Rights are wearing seatbelts or for that matter obey any of the other enforced rules and regulations. If YOU are one of those, then I would rather NOT be in your company as I do not wish to place either myself or those that I love in danger. And I ask that I be respected for my decisions.

Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy and be aware. If you feel that you need to talk to someone, then contact SADAG at the number below.


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