Improvise, adapt and overcome. My Wednesday COVID-19 diary update.

"Be kind and be courageous". Anne Frank. The Diary of Anne Frank


This posting is dedicated to my late Dad, Jack, who died 16 years ago. Another Fathers Day celebrated without him. I wonder how he would have dealt with this continuous lockdown? Knowing him, he would have been stoic and would have accepted that it was necessary. In a way I get a lot of my attitude towards authority from him…and that can be both a blessing and a curse. Half of me wants to rage against the machines, while the other half is questioning why. Thanks Dad!


If you are a regular reader of my Wednesday diaries, you will know that I celebrated my birthday during the course of this past week. This Waygu biltong was a gift from my butcher. At around R800 per kg, this is VERY expensive but it is definitely the Aston Martin of biltong. Once you have tried this, it is difficult to get back to the beef or game product. That being said, it was a special treat for me and I made the piece that I was given last for most of the week…and I even shared with my wife.


I spent the week at a game reserve in a different province, compiling content for their social media platforms. It was strange being away from home and being back in the bush for the first time since March.  But even though the bush is my happy place, there was a niggle in the back of my mind as to what would happen once we headed homeward again. As it turned out, nothing. One roadblock with some disinterested police, traffic officials and army personnel, but luckily we only had one provincial border to cross, so seeing that our destination had only been two hours away, we were back in Gauteng without incident. Then why did I choose this Dassie image I hear you ask? Because they were all over the camp and they are cute and made me smile…and forget for a while.


The 17th was World Croc Day…and not the plastic shoe kind. Although would you believe it, THEY do have their very own day that is celebrated on October 23rd. By which time I am hoping that lockdown will have been lifted and life as we will come to know it, will be enforced.


20/6 celebrated World Giraffe day. I was happy to be in a reserve which has a relatively large giraffe population so that I could celebrate the day with them.


A is for Aardvark. After a 53 year wait, I finally get to see one! If it was not for the Covid-19 lockdown, I would not have got to experience spending time with this youngster, not once but twice. A sighting like this made me aware of how grateful I am for being able to spend time at a game lodge. Even with the correct social distancing and reduced staff numbers, I was cautious to become complacent and to believe that what I was experiencing was normal.


We are legend. The more I think about my current situation, the more I wonder if those who went through WW1 and WW2 saw those catastrophic events coming? Years of hardships that were unplanned and a world turned upside down and had to be dealt with. But, if I am honest, the war did not seem to stalk you under a cloak of ‘invisibility’. And perhaps what I am experiencing now, from a mental perspective, is as a result of me being unable to physically see the danger as it picks off those who are vulnerable.


So for now, it is back into a self-enforced 14-day quarantine. Even though all the correct precautions were adhered to while I was away, I do not want to be responsible for passing on the virus. Like being on a trails walk in the bush, I will continue to be vigilant and respectful of other people. I have tried to keep the mantra of treating myself as if I have the virus and therefore being careful and keeping away from both friends and public spaces. Not easy when people are starting to believe that, according to certain media outlets, the pandemic is almost over. Given my hirsuit state, I am trying to figure out why being neatly groomed is so important? But perhaps that is a discussion for a different platform?