Back to square 1? My Wednesday COVID-19 diary

Another week has passed and has anything REALLY changed? Personally I am not convinced that anything has, but I am hoping that someone will prove me wrong.


I was uncertain as to how to begin this weeks diary entry. My birthday will be celebrated on Monday 15th, and I was not sure if I should mention it before or after what will certainly turn out to be a non-event. As it is, I always feel unsettled in the run-up to the actual day. For a variety of reasons, all pre-COVID-19 and all driven by childhood and early adult experiences. Therefore I cannot blame all of my current mental state on the ongoing lockdown. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me I suppose and HIP HIP HOO bloody RAY.


Do you, like me, feel that you are being trampled underfoot? The on-again-off-again status of this extended lockdown, coupled with the fact that all our ‘leaders’ seem to have gone into hiding, continues to cause me discomfort and distress. But, a single voice (mine) is certainly NOT going to change my situation or that of South Africa or the world at large. So I soldier on, trying vainly to find the positive in the situation that I find myself in. I noticed with interest the many of the “I am grateful for…” postings on Facebook seem to have vanished, as have most of the petitions and the challenges that sprouted like fungi after the rain. SNAFU has returned to Facebook.


I was feeling sorry for myself…and then I found THIS! It might offend some readers, but to quote Kev…D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. I have decided that ‘GATVOL’ should be a recognized medical condition.


In order to try to maintain my sanity, not only have I stopped watching the news channels, but I have not purchased a newspaper since 26th March. It might seem like an ostrich attitude, but with so much misinformation, fake news and a general overload of information, I find it easier to isolate from ALL news sources as much as possible. I do wish that there were filters available that would immediately identify incorrect news sources and stop them from polluting my thoughts. (A sort of Truecaller for news)

It seems that there are now stories doing the rounds via UK newspapers that South Africa might be ‘open’ for tourism in September. Currently, if I was a betting man, I would lay odds on the end of the year/beginning of 2021. And what gives the UK journos the edge over the local writers? They seem to be speculating and in doing so, they are once again fanning the flames of fake news.


Although international travel is off my agenda for the next few years, I would not mind flying to Cape Town to see my daughter or flying to a local game reserve for some MUCH-NEEDED bush time. If only humans were capable of flight what a different world it would be. Could you imagine trying to enforce a lockdown on a population that could take to the skies if they wished? Elon Musk, perhaps this could be your next projext?


Taking all of the above into account, I believe that there might still be a sting in the tail. Rumours are still swirling around as to when and what might happen going forward. Will we go to Level 2? Will our President EVER address us again? For now, at any rate, I will keep my head down and concentrate on staying healthy, in mind, body and spirit.


If I am grateful for anything, I am grateful for these Zoom interviews that I have been conducting for the past couple of weeks. It gives me the opportunity to interact with a variety of people from both the travel and entertainment industries to keep you, my reader (and viewers) entertained and informed.


And that is not all! You can tune into Retro Radio ( every Thursday morning from 10h30- 11h00 when Travel & Things returns to the airwaves. I can PIVOT if required…


Yes, I am. I feel like one of the two grumpy old men in the balcony seating in the Muppet show. ( Statler and Waldorf, were known for their cantankerous opinions and shared penchant for heckling.)