And now for something a little different…snacks.

“If it’s not a mealtime and you are wondering which of two ‘healthy snacks’ you should buy, the answer is probably neither.” Bee Wilson, First Bite: How We Learn to Eat


Travel & Things has covered books, luggage, camera gear, clothing, shoes and even field guide training. But we have never covered…snacks! Made of Waygu beef, this, to me, is the Aston Martin of biltong. The taste is sublime and needs to be sampled as words do it no justice. Compared to beef or game biltong it is expensive, but as an occasional treat, it is well worth it.


Droëwors is one of my favourite go-to snacks and if I am in the bush on a trail walk, there is usually more than a handful in my backpack. This stood me in good stead on Kilimanjaro when pure protein was what was required to keep me going.


Cabanossi, although it looks similar to Droëwors is actually a Polish sausage with a very distinctive flavour. It usually contains beef, pork and bacon and it is lightly seasoned and then smoked. It can be compared to a mild salami. It can be cut into small bite-size pieces to eat as a snack or it can be sliced and eaten as a topping on pizza. Another back-pack staple.


Biltong, air-cured meat is a more than 400-year old traditional South African beef snack. When international guests are first told that it is raw cured meat there is a moment of hesitation…but once they taste it, there is usually a quick return for seconds and thirds. Like peanuts, once you start snacking on this delicious treat it is difficult to stop. Sometimes it is compared to beef jerky from the USA, but the products are totally different. Jerky is cooked on a rack and has a dry and smokey taste, biltong is hung and air-dried.

Would you believe that there are both vegan and vegetarian versions of this snack! And they look and taste very similar…but us carnivores KNOW the difference. If you have never tried these snacks before, then I suggest you visit your local butcher and give them a try. As an aside, personally, I do not like the pre-packaged offerings sold by supermarket chains. I much prefer to have mine fresh cut from source that I know and trust.




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