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Look for the beauty in every day items. Shopping trolleys at a shopping mall.

Time to open the door on 2020…or shut it on 2019? Today, 06/01/2020 marks the beginning of the first working week of the year. And paying the bills that we forgot about in December! What hides behind our door in this new year? This quote from William Johnsen sums it up perfectly; “If it is to be, it is up to me“! I will be using that as my mantra for the year ahead.


A cold day in Ireland, but the Cliffs of Moher are breathtaking. This was a memory from a trip to Ireland some years ago. Its significance is that even in these sheer, craggy cliff faces there is an innate beauty. Seek that out in whatever the year has in store for you.


Time to kick up some dirt. There is SO much to see, enjoy and experience in South Africa. Turn your travel horizons inwards and realize that there are cities and towns other than the major ones to discover.


Marching resolutely into the new year. These Hissing Ants are the epitome of working as a cohesive whole. Time for each and every one of us to follow this example and work together to stand up to the corruption and exploitation of the past. It begins with YOU.


Just another sunset? Each sunrise and sunset is unique. Try and get up earlier to have YOUR day begin in a spectacular fashion.


No sooner has 2020 begun than ESKOM is up to its tricks again. It seems that ‘broken conveyor belts’ will be the excuse du jour… and we will have no choice but to believe them. But Chez Batz has moved into the solar age, so we will see if we can withstand the onslaught of the dreaded and business destroying load shedding(or whatever the new them for their incompetence will be). Take control of your own electricity needs if you can. Install gas, a generator or solar. The outlay might be seen as prohibitive, but it will pay for itself in the near future.


If you cannot find time to stop and smell the roses, then any flower will suffice.


No time to feel blue…Form the studio of a good friend. His range of palettes and brushes are a source of photographic inspiration to me.


Catch of the day? To quote ┬áJulia Cameron from The Artist’s way…”Leap and the net will appear“.


Heading off on a road trip. Halfway to Cape Town, I look down on the National highway from a vantage point on a hill outside Hanover.


Two bees or not to bees? That is the question! Take joy in the beauty that surrounds us. Spent time in your garden or local park. Get away from the insidious menace that is (anti) social media…


Did 2019 have a sting in its tail? I for one am not waiting to find out as I fall forward into 2020.


Time to step boldly into the New Year…And Veldskoen Shoes will be with me every step of the way!


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