Getting rid of dust and grime, TLC with Valet-V.

So sparkling clean that you can see your reflection in the paintwork

Back from the road again…

Visiting game reserves as often as I do, my car is subjected to LOTS of gravel roads and many of those are just two-tracks cut through the bush. Add thorny branches to that mix and you will realize that the paintwork of my Toyota Rav4 is subjected a lot of punishment on a regular basis. I cannot count the number of times someone has said to me “Why did you choose a dark colour”? Well, when the car was purchased, the colour was not an option as it was a pre-owned vehicle and 13 years ago I was working in an urban-based industry.


Luckily with the exception of some serious scratches along the passenger side of the vehicle, most of the issues are usually lots of surface dust and some mud splatter on the wheels and in the wheel arches.


It, therefore, seemed to be serendipitous that I found out about¬† Valet-V while I was in the bush. Although their App is very easy to download and use, the signal strength where I was situated was not great, so on my return, I booked them for their “Ultimate” package. My vehicle was covered in about 4 months of road dirt and several scratches that I feared would be permanent travel reminders.


Right on time, two staff members, Franck and Cherry arrived on their motorcycles, used by the company rather than vehicles that can get stuck in the traffic. I could not believe that all the necessary equipment, including a high-pressure washer and a vacuum cleaner, could fit in the pannier on each bike. But it turns out that was not all. There was cleaning equipment, hosepipes, electrical extension cords, 14 different chemicals, polishes, wax glazes AND a small plastic stool!


Getting the ‘show’ underway.

And it is a show, as the staff are incredibly proud of the work they produce and are at pains to make certain that the clients understand every step of the process. This high-pressure washer removes more dirt with less water and in less time than a conventional carwash. Minimal water wastage, a bonus given the fact that there are still water restrictions in Johannesburg. (Certain of the packages do offer a waterless and rinseless option, all of which is clearly explained in their App)


High-quality products are used at each stage. Here a polish is applied to rejuvenate the paint. If you have the time, you can ask our cleaner about the products that they utilize and they will gladly explain each step to you. This is Franck, putting some elbow grease into the procedure. If you have asked for one of the top-end packages, be aware that they can take a couple of hours. But this is detailing and not just a car wash, so relax and let the team get on with giving you the best value for money.


Cherry, detailing comprehensively where no detailing has ever been done before. On the mud-flaps!


Another area of the car that has never been subjected to a silicone clean before.


The interior of my car looked and smelled almost brand new. Given that the vehicle is 13 years old, it currently, thanks to Valet-V, does not look its age.


This could have just rolled off the showroom floor!

There is only one problem…it is SO clean that I don’t want to drive it. And the scratches that I mentioned earlier? About 85% of those have been removed and hopefully, after a second clean, they will almost all have disappeared.


Franck, Antony ( Founder) and Cherry pose proudly at the end of the process. You might notice that the motorbike is spotless as are the uniforms that are worn by the staff. If your vehicle needs some TLC, then Valet-V should be your go-to company.

Valet-V car wash


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