Spionkop Lodge,KwaZulu Natal.A return visit.

This was my third trip to Spionkop Lodge in KZN. My previous visit was with my wife back in 2016, and it seems that nothing much externally has been changed. Owners Raymond and Lynette Heron believe in the old adage; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”That being said, on a property like this there is always ongoing maintenance of some description.
Far too cold to swim, but in summer this pool gets a lot of use. The main building (reception, bar and dining room)is the building on the right of this image. The pale-coloured building is the house where guests are accommodated. Originally a three-roomed farmhouse, it currently has nine en-suite bedrooms to offer visitors.
The colour of the plumage on this Weaver almost matches that of the Aloe on which it is perched.
This is where my wife and I stayed on previous occasions, this time we are around the corner in Room 7.
Every lodge needs to have a Jack Russel. This is Daisy, who actually owns Spionkop Lodge. The lifted front paw is a behaviour to get the guests to feel sorry for her and perhaps give her a tidbit or two. Given half a chance she will accompany willing guests to their room at night, where she will curl up on the floor and sleep. The fact that she has been blinded in one eye by venom from a Spitting Cobra has not deterred her from enjoying her life to the fullest.
There has been a soft-furnishing upgrade since our last visit. The bed is extremely comfortable and it bigger than usual. A desk, beverage station and a pullout couch complete the decor.
A mixture of old and new in the bathroom. There is also a full-size bath for the guests to soak in, should they wish to do so.
The devil is in the detail…A sip before bed on a freezing winter night?
Plenty of old farm implements lying around. If you are a photographer, they will get your creative juices flowing.
A single sundowner drink on the deck as the sun sinks quickly beyond the western horizon.
Sunset, with the aloes making an interesting contrast. I can think of no better way to end off a day at this venue.
One of the best-stocked pubs I have been into in a long while. Memorabilia abounds both on the walls as well as behind the bar counter. A great space to enjoy some time before going through to enjoy a meal in the dining room alongside.
Why hide the silverware if you can put it on display…Several interesting pieces on display and each with a story attached.
One of the few establishments that still use linen napkins and butter knives!
Part of the accommodation that faces the main reception building.
The star trails in the clear night sky were spectacular. Just before bedtime…
Sunrise over Spionkop Lodge. 
Breakfast of champions? And beautifully presented as well. Almost too perfect to eat.
Tugela River, with Spionkop in the distance. This river features extensively in a number of battles that were fought in this area.
Listen to what raconteur, and owner of Spionkop Lodge, Raymond Heron has to say about
Spionkop and the battle that took place there:
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