Safari Guide of the Year 2019. On the road again…

These three sponsors have also come on board…
Lalalala Wilderness: Track and sign winner
Livingstones Supply Company: Guided walk winner
Anderson Wildlife Properties: Game drive winner
I was out on a game drive with Riaan Fourie, one of the nominees.
He shared some wonderful stories about Eugene Marais
and the research that he did for his book “The soul of the White Ant”
A most educational, informative and entertaining drive.
Hear no evil see no evil, speak no evil?
I don’t think so…
Three of the Safari Guide of the year judges were on the vehicle…
From L to R:
Brian Serrao, Standards Director at FGASA( who seems to want to hear!)
Quinten Coetzee. Ex Veld Fokus presenter and a man
 whose knowledge of the inhabitants of the bush knows no bounds
Mike Karantonis, founder of the Safari Guide of the Year competition.


Our first sighting.
A Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill,
backlit in the late afternoon sun.


Almost like a ghost, this Paperbark False Torn
stood out on the mountainside.


This Southern Grey-headed Sparrow.
Even these LBJ’s have their place in the greater scheme of things.
One of the guests on the vehicle was passionate about birds,
and as a result, Riaan’s birding skills were put to the test
 during the course of the drive.


The only LARGE mammal that we saw…
Giraffe have become favourites with guests both
local and international.


In the fading light, these two are busy being cleaned
by a myriad of Red-billed Oxpeckers.


The birds have plenty of ‘real estate’ to rid their hosts of parasites.


The reserve used to be farmland and these Baobab trees
 are a remnant of that.
These trees are not being looked after, yet they are thriving
 in an area where they do not occur naturally.


A Red-winged Starling keeping a lookout for a meal?
Or perhaps a mate?


One of the sponsor’s products being put to good use at the drinks stop.
This bag was supplied by Livingstones Supply Company.


In the fading light, both the Waterberg mountains and
the tree in the foreground took on an almost magical hue.


Sunset in the bush is always special.
And this one, through the trees at Marataba,
was no exception.
With both the temperature and the sun falling,
it was time to head back to the college and a warm dinner.
The day ended off  around the fire
with everyone sharing their experiences of what had happened
earlier on the walks and game drives.
But, this is a competition and one of the tasks
involved two more of the nominees enthralling us with their stories.
First up, was Julius Mkhize.
He chose to share a story that had both danger and humour in it.
Luckily neither guests or animals were hurt in the tale that he shared.
Vehicles were damaged though.
Well done Julius!


According to Margaux, her male colleagues were certain that
she possed attributes that none of the male contestants had…
Her story involved both herself as well as a message for those
who choose to follow in her footsteps.
Another well told tale.
Thanks, Margaux Le Roux

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supplied by FGASA.

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