Marataba Safari Lodge, game drive time.

Game drive time…
With the road stretching out in front of our vehicle,
and the stunning Waterberg mountains as a back drop,
I wondered what wild life might await us.


There are, more often than not, herds of Impala to be seen.
As I was there during the rutting season,
this Impala ram was having quite a task keeping his harem
 from other potential suitors.
At this time the males are so focused on procreation
 that they often forget to eat.
They lose condition very quickly and
 as a result are easy pickings for the various predators.


A most unusual sighting.
A Water Monitor wandering down the middle of the road!
Each of the drives that I went on had at least one unique sighting.


A female White Rhino with a very young calf.
At this age, the youngsters are very inquisitive and
will often get closer to the game drive vehicles than an adult would.
This mother made certain that her calf did not stray
to close to where we had stopped.
“Where is my money”…
A large Buffalo bull looked at me like I forgot
to put his modelling fee in the mail.
One of the Big 5 and without doubt the most dangerous
animal to come across while out on a bush walk.
Buffalo have been known to attack without provocation or warning.


From large and VERY dangerous,
to small and not too scary.
This Tree Squirrel was catching some late afternoon sunlight.
It was the alarm calling of the squirrel that alerted us to this…
A young lion that we woke from an afternoon nap.

If the lion was worried about our vehicle,
then his afternoon was about to get MUCH worse…
This large White Rhino bull was walking straight towards it.
At this stage it seemed like neither of them had seen each other.
All that was about to change…

There was a  Mexican stand-off moment
as Little and Large crossed paths.
The lion was more curious than aggressive and
 the moment that the rhino turned, it turned tail and fled.
Back to the safety of its siblings who had been watching from a distance.


Perfect light catches the eyes of this Black Backed Jackal


“Is that dinner I see”?
This male cheetah, was keeping an eye on this wildebeest herd.


Unsuccessful in his hunting attempt,
he decided to lie in the shade and wait for easier prey to come along.


Mom and baby…
Again in almost perfect light this duo watched our vehicle as we drove past.
Fun fact #317: The legs of a baby zebra are the same length
as those of the adults.
This is so that when predators look at a herd,
they are unable to distinguish the youngsters
Fun fact# 562: The collective noun for zebra is a dazzle.


The tallest land mammal.
This male Giraffe was very dark in colour.
There are several theories as to what causes giraffe to go dark.
Not all of them are conclusive.
Both giraffe and zebra hold a fascination for international tourists.
Often to the exclusion of the Big 5.


“Open wide”…
Do YOU feel like you are at the dentist when you look at this image?
A young Hippo showing off it’s dental array.
Fun fact # 094: The Hippo is (supposedly)
responsible for more human deaths than all of the Big 5 combined.
There is some recent research that shows this might not be true.
Crocodiles could be co-killers in this statistic.

And what better way to end of the day
than watching an African sunset.
No two are ever the same and each is exceptional.
My thanks to our ranger, Russel, the management
as well as the staff for making our stay so special.

A big thank you to each of these brands
 for coming on board.
This has been my constant travel companion
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It might look worn,
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Bush gear to make me blend in…
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