A final message from my 2018 SA Blog Awards Campaign Manager

Voting is now over…
Job Done!
I ran this campaign for my Human and very successfully I hope. 
Now that public voting phase has closed
I can relax and go back to being his Executive Assistant.
On behalf of my Human,
“Thank you” if you took the time and trouble to vote.
Each and every vote was appreciated
and will hopefully make certain that he will
achieve a podium finish again this year.
On a serious note‚Ķmy Human, 
despite being in hospital twice in November,
 has put a LOT of work into his Blog. 
Unlike past winners who have entire divisions that can supply content,
 he has to do it all on his own. 
Not that he is complaining, he enjoys what he produces
 and it seems that his reading audience of 740000+ does too.
FYI: More than 5000 people visited the Blog
 during the public voting phase 

 Now play time beckons… 

From all of us to all of you…
If you have never visited my Human’s Blog,
then use this this link: