A game for the game reserve…



A road trip through a game reserve can be a nerve-wracking experience,
especially with children in the vehicle.
“Are we there yet”? is replaced with “Why have we not seen any animals yet”?
In order to keep said occupants from causing bodily harm to each other,
 how about my Game Reserve version of the Alphabet Game?
Points can be given arbitrarily which might be safer than starting a contest
A is for Antelope.
And usually the first sighting in almost any game reserve
are Impala…you can give points, but you will tire of seeing them quickly.
B is for Bateleur Eagle.
Unfortunately no points as it has been renamed the short-tailed Eagle
C is for Chameleon.
They have right of way when crossing the road.
D is for Dragonfly.
You get points if you are able to photograph it.
E is for Elephant.
Although the largest land mammal, they are not called “grey ghosts” for nothing.
They can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye
F is for frog.
A Foam nest Tree Frog!
You might find one in your accommodation if you are lucky.
You will definitely hear them at night.
G is for giraffe.
You cannot miss these, as they are very tall and
tend to stare at you from a lofty height
H is for  Hyena…
No laughing matter.
I is for Impala,
also known as the McDonalds of the Bushveld
and is prey species to everything including baboons.
(I did mention that you would see them more than once)
J is for jackal.
This one is yawning and marking his territory at the same time.
Multi-tasking at its best.
K is for kill…
Not something that you see on every trip
L is for Leopard.
Always an awesome sighting
M is for Mongoose…
This is the Banded Mongoose, one of the many species that we have in our parks
N is for Nyala.
The male looks like an old man in a raincoat.
Only 500 points as they are a common occurrence
O is for Owl.
Not an easy spot, so many points are up for grabs.
Image from Google images
P is for Pangolin.
They are so unusual that most people who work in the bush
get to see one every decade or so.
100000000000 points  for a sighting
Image from Google images

Q is for “QUIET”

which is how you would like the car to be.
100000 points if you can achieve this.
R is for Rhino.
A road block of note.
This is the more common White Rhino.
You get more points if you spot a Black Rhino…
S is for snake.
Spot from the safety of your car!
T is for Tortoise.
This is a Leopard tortoise, one of the little 5.
You will be amazed at how fast they can move.
U is for ungulate. Meaning “being hoofed” or “hoofed animal”
To stop arguments make sure you have Internet connectivity on your Smart-phone
V is for Vulture.
The very necessary cleaning service of the bushveld.
W is for Waterbuck…
Would you like to be a prey species with a target on your rump?

Image from Google images
X is for X-ray vision.
 Often needed in order to see the animals that tend to hide.
Y is for Yellow-billed Hornbill.
A very cheeky species who will steal food of you plate.
Z is for Zebra.
 Are they black with white stripes or vice versa?
Image from Google images
And while everyone is concentrating on finding the “Big 5”,
don’t forget the “Little 5”.
They are:
Ant Lion, Elephant Shrew, Buffalo Weaver, Leopard Tortoise and Rhinoceros Beetle
“Hamba kahle Kaya”
A safe journey to all.
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