Veranda safaris.Elephant sightings at these Extraordinary lodge waterholes.

Seeing that these three camps share the Mluwati Concession,
I have combined baboon sightings that were enjoyed
 at the various lodge waterholes. 
Website details for each property at at the end of this posting
The lodges are managed by this Extraordinary company!
One can only be in awe when being this close to the largest African land mammal.
It is difficult to look into their eyes and not be moved.
There is a wisdom there that goes far beyond our human references. 
The white liquid emanating from the eye is not a tear…
elephants have no tear ducts.
The liquid is part of their evolutionary process
 that allows the eye to remain moist,
with the excess fluid being excreted in this manner.
The trunk is an evolved upper lip.
There are more than 60000 “muscles”, divided into 6 major groupings
 which is sensitive enough to pick up a tiny blade of grass
or rip entire branches from trees.
It can hold up to 11L of water!
A mud bath AND a drink at the same time.
And humans pay to have Spa days like this.
I might look awkward, but I challenge you
to tell me that to my face!
Dust baths are as important as mud baths and water.
To anthropomorphize these individuals,
they did seem to enjoy their own antics. 
The tiny baby in the middle was well protected by her mother.
With such a large herd (about 60 individuals)
I was amazed that the mother was not more stressed.
One last covering and it will be time to leave.
 This elephant could almost empty the waterhole…
The Impala ram looked on, not wanting to antagonize the pachyderm.
Elephants can become very possessive of a water supply
and will often chase other animals away until they have
decided that they are willing to share/move on.
Sucked up more than was required?
It often seems that there is more water wasted
 than actually consumed with each trunk-full.
The tip of the trunk is incredibly prehensile 
and can be used for a variety of tasks.
This is the business end of the beast…
It seems that Kruger National Park has some individuals with large tusks.
Much like rhino poaching,
elephants are still being shot for their ivory.
It is used for trinkets rather than medicinal purposes.
Splish Splash…
Time for some play before heading off to look for something to eat.
All creatures great and small…
The Starling is dwarfed, but not intimidated, by the elephant.
It turned out that this particular individual had a “broken” ear!
The right one hung like a curtain and was not able to flap
like the left one could.
Time to pick up my trunk…and leave
Elephants seem to enjoy carrying their trunks in this manner.
Time to bid farewell..
This large bull leaves the waterhole 
and heads off up the dried river bed.
Because elephants walk on their toes and their feet are heavily padded
they are able to come and go in almost complete silence.
Hence them often being referred to as “Gray Ghosts”.
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