Hamiltons Tented Camp, Kruger National Park

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Our first visit to this camp was back in 2007,
when my wife and I  had our honeymoon here.
We returned to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary
here at Hamiltons Tented Camp
 in the Mluwati Concession in the  Kruger National Park.

This is the first view that arriving guests get of the
entrance to Hamiltons Tented Camp.
Named in honour of James Stevenson-Hamilton.
He served from 1902-1946 as the first Warden of the
the Sabi Nature Reserve.
This area would ultimately become the Internationally renowned
and iconic Kruger National Park.

Visitors will notice that there is a theme
running through the public spaces…
Suitcases and LOTS of them.
I find that they offer an insight into how those early
travelers got around, carrying all their belongings with them.
A suitcase stack almost as high as an elephants eye!
Reading the remnants of labels on some of the cases,
gave me a glimpse into their history.
They don’t make luggage like this any more.
Now it is all high tech, with the accent on durability and security.
I am not a minimalist by nature hence this lounge area taps into
my need to be surrounded by “stuff”.
Guests can spend the longest time here looking at all
the various items and books.
I wonder what this pair of binoculars has seen…
In the background is a water feature and the public lounge.
If you are counting steps for health reasons, then this lodge is ideal.
The distance to the accommodation is such that you
will make certain that you leave nothing behind that
might be required on a game drive.
These raised walkways are a necessity so that the wildlife
and the guests do not get to interact by accident.
Virtually hidden by the vegetation, one of the tented rooms can barely bee seen.
The accommodation as seen from the road on the far river bank.
Each has an outdoor deck as well as the ubiquitous outdoor shower.
If being naked outdoors does not make you feel comfortable,
then relaxing in this indoor bath will.
With a wonderful view out of the large picture window,
this is the ideal place to end off your day.
The subdued lighting and canvas walls
hark back to the early 19th century,
when we perceive that life was a lot easier.
I am not certain about easier,
but it was certainly less controlled by the variety
 of electronic devices that keep us connected today.
A huge bed, pristine linen and a spacious interior
makes the accommodation at this camp memorable.
And of course there HAS to be a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.
On a personal note…
My wife and I had our honeymoon here at Hamiltons back in 2007.
We returned on the exact date of our 11th anniversary.
When we arrived back from afternoon game drive,
I was called aside by one of the staff and told that we needed to move accommodation
as an elephant had wrecked a portion of it while we were out.
I was suspicious, but decided to “play along”.
During the long walk back to our tent,
I kept pondering on how much damage
could possibly have been done by said pachyderm.
But when we opened the door,
this is what awaited us.
A private anniversary dinner for the two of us!
Thanks to all who made our special evening
even more special.
This was our main course…
Singularly the most delicious rack of lamb we have ever eaten.
This is what the lounge area looks like late at night
and in the early morning before game drive.
The lighting adds to the ambiance and the feel that early visitors
 to the area might have experienced.
A VERY South African way to start a game drive…
A hot beverage and a rusk.
As the sun peeked through the clouds,
we headed off on an early morning drive.
Game drive over,
we returned to this…
a breakfast of champions.
If you don’t go to the animals,
then they will come to you.
This lone bull was taking advantage of the waterhole
before it was overrun by other species.
Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee on the deck
often leads to a game sighting.
A great spot to relax and take in natures bounty.
Just in case you you might be hungry after breakfast.
From L to R:
Silence, Chef Able and Phillip
Many thanks to these three specifically for making
 our anniversary stay so memorable.
To find out more bout this camp and that they have to offer,
visit their website:
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A new clothing sponsor has come on board…
Welcome to Kallie Khaki.
Bush gear to make me blend in…
in comfort and style.
I have worn these shoes in the jungles of India
and on the beaches of Croatia.
Not to mention, many game reserves in Africa.
They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes
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When I get home. I rely on this ISP
to provide me with high speed fibre connectivity
to enable me to get my postings published in record time.
This powerbank is my constant companion
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It can do up to 4 full re-charges of my phone before
needing to be charged.
Supplied by…
When offered an option…
ALWAYS be Batman.
This time he was standing in front of a picture of
Col. James Stevenson-Hamiltion,
 after whom this tented camp is named.
The newest of my travelling companions.
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