Baboons at the waterholes. Imbali Safari Lodge & Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge, Hamiltons Tented Camp. Kruger National Park.

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Seeing that these three camps share the Mluwati Concession,
I have combined baboon sightings that were enjoyed
 at the various lodge waterholes.
Website details for each property at at the end of this posting
The lodges are managed by this Extraordinary company!
“Listen up”…
“People who read this posting are possibly going to be very sensitive
to what is written beneath each picture”!
“Don’t let that be a problem please.
This is all in good fun and anthropomorphism
has no place here”…
All the images were taken at the waterholes
adjacent to the three lodges that we visited.
This large male arrived on the scene
and immediately announced his dominance
 by engaging in this behaviour.
“Now WHAT do we have here”?
Picking though the dung was a rewarding operation
for this youngster, as it turned up grubs as snacks.
“I am practicing my Tai Chi movements”…
is what this small baboon might be saying.
The adult in the foreground seems to singularly unimpressed.
“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”?
“Do you think that might make us famous”?
“Now the reason that I called this meeting is that
one of you has NOT been pulling their weight in the foraging department”!
“Don’t tell me what to do”…
Justice/punishment in the primate groups is usually swift
and is accompanied by a LOT of noise and baring of teeth.
“I will give you SUCH a smack”
“Watch my left…I am going to follow through with my right”
“I know that we have similar looking coats
but we are NOT related”…
Thanks to Disney and the Lion King
both these animals have gained international notoriety.
To save you having to look up the answers,
The Baboon was called Rafiki and the Warthog, Pumba.
To be correct, this is a Chacma baboon,
while the one in the movie was a Mandrill.
A quiet shared moment together…
not easily achieved in a VERY busy troop.
And to prove that point, a youngster pops up.
Time for the family holiday snap.
A true Kodak moment…
Exercise time?
Young baboons are fun to watch.
Their energy seems boundless and
they are inquisitive beyond belief.
This little fellow had fallen into the waterhole.
Emerging dripping wet, he cut a rather sad figure.
“I will dry off in the sun”…
Luckily it was a very warm day and in retrospect
he did not seem to be too put out by being so wet.
A human youngster would have been screaming their heads off.
Totally oblivious to the insect hovering above his head,
he busied himself with something that had caught his attention.
The legs in the background belong to an Impala.
To find out more about the camps
 that we stayed at,
please visit their respective websites:
This is the company that manages these properties:
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This time he was standing at the foot of a Baobab Tree,
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