The leopards of Sabi Sabi. On game drives from Sabi Sabi Selati Camp

THIS is why I visit the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve.
In all the years that I have been visiting this property,
I have always been privileged to experience at least one leopard sighting.
It was no different on this trip!
The shirt on the left of frame belongs to our tracker, Sydney.
This male is well known to the staff
as he has a passion for eating buffalo dung.
Looking at the “expression” on his face.
I am not so sure if he REALLY enjoys the taste.
I am almost certain that an Impala or something similar
would be far more acceptable.
Up close and personal.
It is only when you get to be almost in touching distance
that you get to understand the true magnificence of this predator.
Single-minded in his walk to get to a water source before the sun sets…
Or perhaps to take a moment in the fading afternoon light
to contemplate where/what his next meal might be.
Sometimes it is just all too much
and a yawn and a nap might be all that is required.
Often the only sign of the presence of one of these cats
is the remains of a carcass in a tree.
We were very lucky to spent time with this youngster and his kill
Look carefully and you can the remnants of the hair of the Impala
clinging to the lip of this leopard.
You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of these claws.
Tinged with blood from an earlier, successful hunt.
It remained in the tree, vocalizing, while we sat,watched and listened.
Soon we were to discover the reason for the growling…
This, much larger, leopard was lying about 60m away!
Fast asleep, without a care in the world.
Possibly awaiting his turn at the carcass once the “owner” had left.
This young hyena entered the arena…
intent on picking up the scraps that fell from the tree.
And more importantly, not getting killed by either of the males.
As the sun sank quickly below the horizon,
the life and death cycle of the African bushveld had been completed
…for today…
Would another animal fall prey in the darkness?
Very possibly as that is the way of the wild.
For one animal to live another will have to die.
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