Leaping Leopards. An encounter on a game drive from Imbali Safari Lodge

and my game drive from Imbali Safari Lodge
 had been going for about an hour.
My wife is not a morning person and usually chooses to sleep in
and look at my images over breakfast.
Boy, did she turn out to be upset after THIS missed drive…
Up to this point it had been an uneventful and quiet drive,
with not much exciting to see except the ubiquitous Impala.
I believe that the numerous Impala are put into various reserves for one reason only…
Just so that guests cannot say “We saw nothing on our drive”!
But I digress…
“We have had confirmation of a leopards
 and they are not too far away”said our guide.
We headed off in their direction to see if we too could be part of the sighting.
“Here I come, ready or not”.
Is what this young female leopard seems to be insinuating.
We had actually heard this pair before we saw them.
“Look at me…I am stunning”.
Being coquettish is part of the foreplay of the mating ritual
for most cat species.
Seeing that copulation normally takes place
 over the course of a five day period,
females HAVE to keep the males engaged.
This is the male going
“What the heck just occurred”?
It was certainly not his first mating experience,
but it was hers.


Between “rounds” she was constantly marking her territory.
This is done so that the male is aware that she is in oestrus
and is ready to mate.


“Oh come ON”!!!
“Play with me”…
Mating can be very dangerous for both cats
and there is a LOT of noise involved.
The males tend to grasp their mate just behind the head,
to control her during penetration.
Although it looks”rough”,
there is more noise and saliva than blood.
“One more time”…
Mating takes places almost every 20 minutes over a period of about 4-5 days.
Each act only takes a few seconds but is accompanied by MUCH vocalization.
This extended mating is as a result of weak sperm count.
The female will continue to produce eggs to ensure fertilization
This was a first for both this female and me…
her first mating and my getting to experience this first hand.


“I am watching you…
It ain’t over till I say that it is”
There is evidence that females are able to tell
 which are the dominate males in the territory.
The reason is to enable the chances of her cubs survival
They can also mate with multiple males to reduce the chances of infanticide.
“Is it over yet”?
As we discovered, this was possibly day 3,
so he still had a couple of days to endure.
“Time for ME to assert my dominance”
The mortality rate for cubs is very high, around 40%,
with most deaths being caused by males who are not the biological fathers.
THIS is how you get off without getting bitten.
We stayed for approximately 35 minutes,
before deciding that we should leave them to their privacy.
We did look for them on two subsequent drives,
but were unable to locate them.
A truly memorable experience for all concerned.
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