Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge, Kruger National Park


This was our second destination during our stay
in the Mluwati Concession in Kruger Park.
Hoyo, Hoyo means “Welcome” in Tsonga/Shangaan.
And their staff were most welcoming,
nothing seemed to faze them or was too much to ask.

It looked like the elephant was waiting to welcome us!
He was…but at the waterhole on the far side of the riverbed
and NOT in the reception area.

This area is the focal point of the main lodge building.
Meals are served here and game drives start an finish here.
The lounge can be found in the building in the rear of this image
and there is an indoor dining area to the right.


One never needs to leave the comfort of your chair.
There were several elephants that made this waterhole their domain
for the duration of their stay and they did NOT
want to share the space with anyone.


This is the public lounge.
Welcoming as it was, the guests tended to eat
 and congregate on the deck rather than indoors.

One of the interesting pieces that seemed to be
guarding the entrance.

Our accommodation from the outside.
I was concerned that the interior might be cramped,
but I could not have been more wrong if I tried.


Inside was a riot of colour…
Not the usual subdued neutral palette that one expects
 when you are in a game lodge.
It was a joyous space and we were sorry that
 we were only spending one night here.
This bathroom had an outdoor shower as well.
I have to say that I found the egg shaped bath to be comforting.


Warthogs might be ugly  but The Lion King
has given them a celebrity status.
“Pumba” is probably one of the most heard words
 on any game drive.


A pre-drive snack!
Even though lunch had only finished only a short while earlier.
A drinks stop during a game drive.
And at a very special tree.
This Baobab is said to be almost 1000 years old.
I can only imagine what fire-side tales it could tell,
should it be able to vocalize.
Perhaps one day, in the not too distant future,
scientists will be able to attach instruments to trees
 and via electronic readings
gauge what events they had witnessed.
Or perhaps not…
Time to head back to the lodge and the awaiting dinner.
A treat for the international guests…as well as the locals.
A braai (barbecue) for dinner.


By night the lodge takes on a whole different look.
The subdued lighting makes it conducive for quiet conversations.
It was so hot that the pool was inviting late into the evening.
Dinner done, and conversations completed
it was time to head back to our accommodation for a well deserved night’s sleep.

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This time he was standing at the foot of a Baobab Tree,
estimated to be between 800-1000 years old!
The newest of my travelling companions.
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