Eat and sleep at Madikwe Safari Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve. North West Province

My wife and I were at Madikwe Safari Lodge recently.
We left this message in case we got lost and no-one knew to look for us.
But seriously, just a fun message scribbled on the rim of a bush fire pit.
The rains will no doubt wash this message away as it was done in charcoal.
The lighting that illuminates stone walls of the main lodge building
 add a feeling of entering a long lost African fortification.
Just a part of the seating(lounge) area that is situated between the bar
and the dining room.
The roaring fire here certainly kept the winter chills at bay.
This is the indoor dining area.
Just one of the spaces that where we enjoyed our meals.
My breakfast of champions…
Also still known as a “Full English”,
even though we are no longer a member of the Colonies.
What a great way to start off the morning.
And with crispy bacon done exactly as I like it.
Well done to the chef, not many South African kitchens get that right.
In case you do not feel like a “Full English” breakfast,
then this is another option…
Eggs Florentine…poached eggs with smoked salmon.
Very YUM
Soup of the day.
For me, soup is almost a complete meal
and despite the season, I do enjoy a bowl…steaming hot.


A dinner starter.
Beetroot Carpaccio.
Beetroot (obviously), cashew cream, avocado puree
with balsamic and mustard dressing.


If you are offered venison while at a game lodge,
give it a try.
This is Kudu Fillet with turnip fondant, grilled butternut,
baby marrow and mange-tout.

A lunch dish that was most “more-ish”
The perfect dish if you are still full from breakfast,
but cannot wait until dinner.
Bacon Carbonara Tagliatelle.


A tasty treat for lunch.
Seered Sea bass with butter beans.


And if you believed that you could escape the “food onslaught”
by going on a game drive…think again!
The array of snacks that were on offer for our sun-downer drinks break was superb.
Always interesting to watch International tourists try dried wors (sausage)
or biltong (beef jerky/dried meat) for the first time.
Dinner mains…or at least one of those on offer.
Duck breast, with mash, plum puree, baby corn,baby veg and green beans.


Despite the chilly weather , one of our meals
was served at the Boma next to the pool.
The blazing fires kept the cold at bay form the outside
and the food kept out insides warm.
And the wonderful staff made us forget all about the weather.
After dinner it was back to our accommodation.
Although the bed was calling, there was work to be done first.
The seating area became my office for the duration of our stay.
And the jelly beans certainly became my “friends”…


The aforementioned bed that had to wait for me…
It was a most comfortable bed, as I was to discover, and it overlooked the veranda
 and the bushveld beyond.
What a great view to wake up to after a restful night’s sleep.


Madikwe Safari Lodge is very child friendly and the accommodation reflects that.
The family unit that we were in had a separate bedroom with
this sleeping arrangement…note the giraffe lamp.
I did consider trying this out, but I was stopped by my wife.

There is nothing better than watching the sun set over the African plains.
A wonderful view to end off the perfect visit.
Good night all…

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