A weekend in Parys, Free State Province.

Recently, my wife and I decided to spend a weekend in Parys.
I had been there before, but just passing through
never actually spending time in this small Free State town.
We stayed at the Art Lovers Guest House…
and what a gem it turned out to be.
The wardrobe in our room reminded me of a similar piece of furniture
in “The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe”.
I did try to step through to see if I would discover Narnia,
but all I actually found was the bathroom!
Just part of the dining area.
Beautiful pieces displayed with maximum effect.
And speaking of dining…
My breakfast of champions.
Breakfast is included in the room rate,
however if you give management notice,
 they can do dinner as well.
It is a set menu and perhaps a little on the expensive side.
There are a couple of restaurants that stay open in the evening
should you wish to dine out.
We can recommend Angelo’s, for pasta and pizza.


What is it with people and locks on bridges?
Built in 1919, the railings of short suspension bridge
are weighed done with locks of all shapes and sizes.
What happens if the couple who placed a specific lock break up?
Or perhaps one of these people has stopped being a friend?
Do they remove the lock?
Is there some sort of “lock removal” etiquette?
Is it a democratic process or does the injured party just remove the lock
 and toss it into the Vaal River that runs under the bridge?
Oh dear me…from a time long ago.
I did manage to resist the temptation to dive in
 and buy stock to bring home.


THIS is how coffee should be enjoyed.
In a HUGE enamel mug with a delicious home made rusk.
We have decided that we WILL be returning
to stock up on rusks and ginger biscuits.
I discovered this door at the entrance to restaurant in the main road.
It reminded me of doors that I had seen in Zanzibar.


We were in Parys during the Lunar eclipse.
Also known as a Blood Moon due to the colour that the moon becomes.
What a special spectacle and one that will not occur for another few years.
Supposedly this event was the longest of its king in over 400 years.
Clear skies allowed me to witness the entire eclipse from start to finish
One of the houses that I passed basking in the early winter sun.
I believe that if you are going to be spending time in a town,
head away from the main road to discover what treasures can be found
just a few streets away.


Hands up if you know what THIS is.
Not seen in your modern city suburbs,
this is designed to place you garbage bags on to stop the local
animals from ripping up the bags.
So simple, yet very effective.


If you like marmite…
I never did discover what this was in the main street.


There are so many shops selling antiques as well as collectibles.
Good, bad or indifferent they can keep a visitor entertained for hours.
That being said, we came home empty handed
 as nothing really grabbed our attention.
Although, that being said, I could have found a space for this rocking horse.
THIS is something that you would not find in a suburb of a major South African city.
Only in small town South Africa can a resident park a tractor outside their front door.


This town is a haven for bikers.
Being just over an hour away from Johannesburg,
 many riders come down for breakfast on a weekend.
Part of the gardens at Art Lovers Guest House.
To find out more about their accommodation and food offerings,
visit their website:
My camera brand of choice for more than 4 decades!
When it is time to print out my special images,
this is the company that I rely on to do that.
I have worn these shoes in the jungles of India
and on the beaches of Croatia.
Not to mention, many game reserves in Africa.
They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes
that I have ever owned.
When I get home. I rely on this ISP
to provide me with high speed fibre connectivity
to enable me to get my postings published in record time.
This powerbank is my constant companion
 while I am travelling.
It can do up to 4 full re-charges of my phone before
needing to be charged.
Supplied by…
When offered an option…
ALWAYS be Batman.
The newest of my travelling companions.
To find out more about the collectable Funko range of figurines,
My new addition, this awesome laptop bag from Solo.
Padded for protection and with enough pockets to keep
almost everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink in,
this is definitely an stylish addition to any business presentation.
Be it in the boardroom or the bush.
This bag can also be worn as a backpack.
There are straps in a hidden compartment that can be deployed
when you need both hands for other purposes.
To find out more about the stylish Solo range,
A new “tool” in my camera bag.
This locally made product was indispensable when using a long lens.
The ball and socket might look simple…and it is,
which is why it should be in the gear bag of every serious photographer.
This locally made, deceptively simple device is ideal
for tracking birds in flight or animals in motion.
The base can be used on a beanbag or a tripod,
with the ball being fitted to the camera.
The simplicity of the device allows to to move from supported
to hand held in a fluid motion.
There is also a version that can be used on a car window.
To see more about the product,
visit their Facebook page:
Or order directly from:
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