Reeling in the catch. Fishermen on a beach in Goa, India

The final days of our 2018 Indian tour were spent in Goa.
Although I did not see a single gull,
these crows were everywhere.
“Time to please leave the water”…
Not exactly Baywatch, but the lifeguards in the vehicle
were most insistent about bathers leaving the water.
Perhaps the sea becomes dangerous after dark?
Time to reel in the catch.
This was one of two small boats that was setting a net.
I decided to wait and watch what unfolded.


The sunsets are so different to those that I experience in Africa.
There was a layer of “smog” that made the sun disappear,
before it got to the horizon.
Most disconcerting…
But my focus was on the net
and what the contents might be.


It was a labour intensive hour of constant pulling for these fishermen.
I assume that they do it on a regular, if not daily, basis.


Waist deep in the waves.
I wonder if he volunteered or was chosen.
I have to say that I had no idea what the sea temperature was.
This might have been a respite from the oppressive heat.
There were two teams and the net is pulled in
 in the shape of a curve.


Not quite a commercial size catch
but those who had been involved seemed to be content
with the what had been reeled in.


A share for all involved…
Even the dog looks hopeful.


Time to pack up the net and make certain
that the boat is safe for the night.
Only then did they head for home.


Or possibly one of the MANY bars along the beach.
For me, and several other tourists
 it was a most interesting experience.
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