Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge revisited. Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. Mpumalanga Province.

It has been 5 years since my last visit to this property
and I was looking forward to seeing what changes had been made.
The entrance was as I remembered it.
But beyond?
That is what I was waiting to discover…
A most welcome, non-alcoholic welcome drink on my arrival.
And after a long drive, it was just what I needed.
But before I went to my accommodation,
I had to spend time in the reception area,
filling out the ubiquitous indemnity form.
I keep promising myself that one day
I will ACTUALLY read the entire form before I sign it.
This area, to the left of the bar is much as I remembered it.
When I arrived it was being used as a lecture room
for a staff training course but that only lasted one day.
It is a great space to hide in,
should you not want to mingle with the other guests.
Although, that being said, there are so many places
 where solitude can be achieved.
If that is what you wish for.
This was one of the first changes that I noticed.
The bar area soft furnishings had been revamped.
And this chair is an example of one of those changes.
Breaking with the traditional neutral game lodge colours,
the material offers a bright contrast to the wall behind.
Looking inward…
From the water feature looking through the main building.
Structurally, nothing has changed.
However, many small but meaningful decor changes have been undertaken.
This collection of “oddities” on a wall outside the bar caught my attention.
The various skulls and decidedly African themed pieces I understand…
But Frida Kahlo? Perhaps it was for the monkey
 that was with her in the portrait?
But then I did some research into her life
and one of her quotes struck a chord…
and could have been the reason for her inclusion
 in this eclectic collection:
Mankind owns its destiny,
and its destiny is the earth.
We are destroying it until we have no destiny
Yet this lodge, as well as the others in the Sabi Sabi Group
are working to save the this part of our planet
so that future generations WILL have a destiny.


 NOT a swimming pool,
this is a water feature.
There are not one, but two pools situated to the right
both offering great views of the waterhole
 that can be seen in the middle ground.
How the ambience of the lodge changes at night.
Beautifully and subtly lit, it is a joy to spend time in.


My room…
The changes that have occurred are in the soft finishes.
The bed is comfortable,
the neutral colours are relaxing and calming.
Exactly what guests like myself require.
An unexpected bonus was a hot water bottle
that I discovered when I got into bed.
Most welcome as it was a cold night
 and I was travelling alone.

The bathroom, with a bath as well as an indoor
and outdoor shower was enormous.
Put a bed in here and it could be an apartment!
Permit me to share a personal anecdote…
“After my indoor shower, it was too cold to test the outdoor one,
I was standing on the mat drying myself when I noticed
what I thought was a small insect scuttling across the floor.
I took no real notice of this as I WAS in the bush,
but that was was followed by another…and another
and another!
And they all seemed to be coming from under that mat
 that I was standing on.
Remember that I said I had just stepped out of the shower?
I did not have my spectacles on…and when I put them on
to have a proper look…
Lo and Behold…
the “insects” turned out to be shadows of  water running
down the glass wall of the shower”.
Needless to say I had a good laugh, at myself.  

A revamped seating area in the room.
I was able to spend some time here reading here
between game drives and meals.
The couch on the left can be utilised as two single beds.
A great use of limited space.

The Elefun Centre.
This lodge has one of the best play areas for children.
Both indoor and outdoor areas and under
constant supervision of qualified staff.
I wish that I was a ‘children’ again so that I
could spend time creating here.
Good for parents to know that their offspring are well catered
and cared for while they are on game drives.

The adage is “Never trust a thin Chef”.
If that is proven to be true,
then I would trust Chef Sipho (in the middle) totally!
The food that is produced at this lodge is superb
and in quantities that make certain that no-one goes hungry.
Guests are served three meals a day PLUS
high tea before leaving on afternoon game drives.


Something different for the international guests?
Venison, in this case Kudu as well as Crocodile to taste.


Made right before my eyes…
Just one of the meals I enjoyed during my stay.
I learned very quickly that pacing at meal times was important.
Small portions meant that I could enjoy more of what was on offer.
And dessert ONLY at dinner.

Aside from the food, the hospitality and the comfort
of Bush Lodge, guests visit for the wild life experiences.
And the area is well known for leopard sightings.
But more of that in another posting…


A night cap awaits in my room…
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