Predator sightings at KwaFubesi Tented Safari Camp, Limpopo Province

Dawn over an African plain…
A time of both life and death.
For the prey species who have made it through the night,
they will continue to graze, hopefully for a while longer.
But their lives are not guaranteed…
This trio of lionesses was out on a hunt.
We had found them lying in a clearing earlier,
but as we watched they decided that a meal might be on the cards.
No using an App to get food delivered,
they have to do it “old-school”, catching it for themselves,
Perhaps this female was considering if those of us
in the vehicles were edible.
Luckily for us, she decided that we were not
and walked off with the other two.
(Their hunt was unsuccessful while we were with them)
“Bring ME food, for I am the King of the Jungle”
Strange being King of the Jungle when there is
 no real jungle habitat on the African continent.
You would think that with canines like that he could catch his own food.
Lions are not the best of hunters and usually miss more than they catch.
That being said, it is a myth that the females do all the hunting.
If there is a coalition of males, they will hunt for themselves.
“No more for me to drink thanks”…
The look on the face of a lion post roar is somewhat comical.
I would not be the one to tell him though…
At one-year old, this young male cub cannot hunt for himself.
That did not stop him from contemplating
taking a run at a herd of Impala.
Discretion finally won the day and he watched as they sauntered off.
When we discovered him, he was with the big males.
“Tummy full, time to nap”
We found these two brothers just after they had eaten.
We never discovered the carcass, but whatever it had been
had left them VERY full.
This boy was so big that he could almost be mistaken for a leopard.
Cheetah have to eat very quickly post a kill
as they often lose their meal to other predators like hyena and lions.
From sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year
the cycle of life and death plays itself out here in KwaFubesi.
Visitors to this part of Africa head back to a meal at the lodge,
while those left here in the darkness might well become one.
Damian was my ranger for the duration of my stay.
And NO, this was not his hat…
It had fallen off another vehicle and we were returning it.
The guests on our vehicle dared him to put it on.
And he accepted the challenge!
He is a very knowledgeable young man,
 who takes pleasure in sharing information with his guests.
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