Goa walk

My wife and I stayed at this hotel during our time in Goa.
The beach was about a 10 minute walk from the rear of the hotel,
but my focus for this posting was was the main road in front of the hotel.
We had driven the road on previous occasions when leaving to go on city tours,
but now it was time to do it on foot.
The locals seem to take pride in keeping the pavement
 in front of their homes/ businesses as clean as they can.
This was one of several men that I saw sweeping as I wandered down the road.
The shops in the street were still closed when I set out,
they were in the process of opening on my return.
There are no real shop front doors,
just heavy plastic drapes to keep the stock secure.
The buildings that I came across seemed to be an eclectic
mix of architectural styles.


Going by the bells and the cross on the roof,
I assume that it is safe to conclude that this is a church of some denomination.


And right in the middle of my walk I come across this Art Deco theatre…
It is now a night club, but back in the day,
I can well imagine that this might have been the place to be seen.


The Banyan Tree…the national tree of India.
I have read about Banyan Trees, but I have never seen one.
This changed when I discovered this huge specimen in the grounds of a hotel.
It is a member of the fig tree family that begins its life cycle
 growing in the cracks of a host plant.
Much like the Strangling Fig of Southern Africa, it will eventually kill the host.
A doorway of one of the derelict building that I passed while walking.
Like eyes, people will often say that windows are the soul of a building.
To me, doorways hold that honour…
Especially on a building that has been left to fall into disrepair.


Not an unusual sight given that cows are seen as sacred in India.
This small herd looks like they have made themselves at home here.


The elderly gent on the left was a local newspaper vendor.
People would pull up on their bikes, collect a paper from him and leave.
Almost without stopping, they would take one and drive off.
I am assuming that the seller had sort of payment plan in place.


Most of the dogs I encountered on my various walks very friendly
and were eager to engage.
This one was the exception that proved the rule.
Not keen to investigate me, it merely stood in the driveway and barked.
It is correct to assume that no matter where you travel to,
there will ALWAYS be a Coca Cola sign!
A scooter is not an unusual form of transport…
But to find a cow in a main urban road, only in India.
One my return, I decided to visit the beach.
Not yet set up for the locals or tourists who frequent it,
I stayed for a while and then made my way back to our hotel
Where YOU aware that Royal Enfield motorcycles are  produced in India?
I was not, until our guide made me aware of that fact.
This brand has been rated as the oldest motorcycle
 in continuous production.
Their first models rolled off the factory line in Chennai 1901.
The street in front of our hotel was busy from
 early in the morning until late at night.
We had chosen our accommodation well
as this was the quieter part of Goa,
not near the party beaches where,
I believe, the noise can keep visitors awake.
This sign sums it all up…
Sometimes we are, and sometimes were are not.
Simple as that.
This is where we stayed while we were in Goa.
A wonderful hotel with friendly staff and good service.
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Our trip itinerary was superbly handled by this travel company.
And specifically by Mr Aman, their Senior Travel Advisor
I would highly recommend that you contact them,
should you be considering a trip to India.
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