Faces in places…some of the people in the Dharavi Slum, Mumbai, India

Part of the hustle and bustle in the main thoroughfare of the Dharavi Slum.
Convoluted combinations of sights, smell and noise.
Cell phones and scooters, just two of the sources that add to the cacophony
“Let me tell you something”
Two friends/colleagues/ business men share a moment
 in the middle of the throngs of people that populate the streets and alleyways.
There is ALWAYS something to do in this high density  area.
It might only be collecting water, but to my untrained eye
EVERYONE seemed to have a purpose.
One of the major industries in Dharavi…recycling.
And those involved will convert almost anything
 into components that will go on to be re-purposed.
In this instance, aluminium components were being pounded into pieces
I think that this fellow was recycling oil of some description.
In a city of 24 million people, there is a LOT of waste
that needs to be taken off the streets.
In most Western countries, when men go grey,
they tend to dye their hair black…
In India, it is henna that is used to give older men a “younger” look.
One of the many alleys that we explored while on our tour.
If we had been left here by our guide,
I am uncertain if we would have been  able to find our way out.
Playing in the street before heading off to school.
This spinning of a top is something that I was
 never able to master as a child.
To this day I am in awe of those who can.
While some played, this youngster was hard at work.
Education plays a very important part in the upbringing of the youngsters here.
The student on the left was on her way to school.
It appears that the classes only started mid-morning.
All the students that I saw were very neatly dressed in smart uniforms.
Too young for school?
Or perhaps a day off…as they seem to still be in their pyjamas.
If you are not making something, then you have to be selling.
One of the MANY fruit and vegetable shops that we passed.
This death notice caught my attention.
An interesting way of informing the slum of his passing.
And finally…
On seeing my camera, THIS was the pose he struck!
Having had his picture taken, he moved off to carry on with his day.
He never even asked to see the image.
My question was and still is “Why did he stop and pose”?
India seemed to be the selfie capital of the world,
so perhaps it has become second nature to pose
when a camera is spotted…
And speaking of guides,
Salmani Oves was our guide while we were in Mumbai.
He lives in Dharavi and  while we toured the slum
we were privileged to have been invited
 to his home to meet his family.
Our trip itinerary was superbly handled by this travel company.
And specifically by Mr Aman, their Senior Travel Advisor
I would highly recommend that you contact them,
should you be considering a trip to India.
For more information on what they offer,
visit their website:
This is the hotel that we stayed at during our stay in Mumbai.
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