Sunrise, sunset…and some things in between. KwaFubesi Tented Safari Camp, Limpopo

Like the silence between the notes when a pianist plays,
so there are those moments on a game drive when guests
 just stop and in silence enjoy a moment in the African bush.
While I stood here in quiet contemplation,
I could hear the bellow of a hippo, the cry of an African Fish Eagle
and in the distance I watched a lone buffalo grazing…
Even this tree seems to be calling attention to itself.
It is not actually moving in a strong wind,
it was a camera manipulation trick
 that I have named the “Blair Witchery” effect.
THIS is why I enjoy being in the bush.
Not that we do not get beautiful sunrises in our cities,
it is just that out here, the air is clean and
devoid of a multitude of buildings.
Sunrise and sunset images are often relegated to archives,
never to see the light of day(pun intended)
This posting therefore celebrates the fact that I was able to witness
these glorious moments that show the raw beauty
of such a simple acts.
Some would say that a sunrise is a sunrise is a sunrise…
I am of the opinion that each and every one is different
and I therefore revel in those that I am able to capture.
Just before the morning sun appears above the tree line.
I have looked at clouds from both sides now
Lyrics from a Joni Mitchell song released in 1969.
Every time a look at a sky like this,
those words tumble through my head.
A dark sky and a body of water…
What more could a photographer ask for…
The same body of water as the previous image,
but on a different game drive.
Sinking into the West.
It always amazes me as to just how fast the sun vanishes
 when you are in the bush.
One moment it is light and in almost the blink of an eye,
darkness envelops you.
When there is no wild life in front of my lens,
I look for beauty that is often hidden in plain sight.
Like these grass stems waving in the morning light.
A cup of steaming coffee and a rusk on a morning drive.
What better way to start off a day…
The fact that a Wild Fig tree can take root
 and grow in the smallest crack in a rock
 is proof of just how resilient nature actually is.
And mushrooms make their home in a pile of Rhino dung…
Just part of the night sky,
as seen from the deck of the lodge building
 before I settled down for the night.
Look carefully and not only will you notice the moon,
but you can just see Venus as well.
Sweet dreams everyone…
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