Food, glorious food. KwaFubesi Tented Camp, Limpopo Province.

There are three main activities at any game lodge that you might visit.
KwaFubesi Tented Camp was no different.
The first activity?
Game drives…of course.
The very essence of why I come to the bush.
Setting off on a morning drive as the sun peaks over the horizon,
is one of my favourite moments of any day in the bush.
The second activity centres around this group of tables…
can YOU guess what that might entail?
If “FOOD” was your answer,
then you are correct!
This is the breakfast that I was served on my first day in camp.
And even though I was the only guest in camp at that stage,
I was not alone…
This Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill was keeping
a beady eye open for scraps or an abandoned plate of fruit.
Chicken salad for lunch…
and unlike the predators in the reserve,
I did not have to go looking for it.
It seems that both this cheetah and I had enjoyed a hearty lunch.
It’s stomach was so full that from behind
it almost looked like a leopard.
Dinner was always a three course meal.
And in this instance one that would not have been
 out of place in any city restaurant.
Starters, Beetroot with Blue Cheese.
Not something that I would normally eat,
but I did.
And it was delicious.
Steak, stir fried veg and rice.
To quote  the judges from Masterchef Australia”
The beauty of food at a meal in a game lodge
is that is placed in front of you…
Unlike this trio of lionesses who were off to see if
they could actually FIND their dinner.
Creme Brulee for dessert.
And it too was delicious.
We had found this Kudu bull during an afternoon game drive.
He posed momentarily before vanishing, almost silently, into the bush

Depending on your length of stay,
there is invariably a barbecue (braai) meal of some description.
This one was smokeless as it was served buffet style and not off a fire.
As an aside, the sausage (wors) in the centre of the plate was made from Kudu meat.
Not the bull that we saw earlier, as hunting is prohibited on this property,
but bought from a nearby butcher.
“Come to Africa, see our wildlife…
then eat it”!
While we were about to enjoy our evening meal,
Father, son and uncle were off looking for theirs.
The cub at the rear is about a year old
and not quite ready to hunt for himself.
It seems as the males were doing “cub-sitting” duty,
as the youngster had spent the entire day with them.
How do I know that?
We had  found them together on both our morning
and afternoon game drives.
And, while we got to look at our food…
In the case of the lions, their food was looking at them.
Did I mention that this camp serves breakfast, lunch, dinner
and afternoon tea?
If I was remiss in sharing that fact,
I have made amends for that now.
I did say that there were three activities that were common
to all game lodges.
1] Game drives…without question
2] Eating…off course
and finally…
3] Sleeping…and that is what I am about to do now that
I have commented on 1 & 2.
Goodnight all.
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