La Dolce Vita Guest house,Hartebeespoort Dam,North West Province

Are you feeling like your world is spinning around with no peace and tranquillity in sight?
If you live in either Johannesburg or Pretoria, then the possible remedy is only an hour away.
As a tourist destination, Hartebeespoort Dam is certainly  underrated,
and local visitors should be taking more advantage of what the area has to offer.
For my wife’s recent birthday weekend, we were hosted by La Dolce Vita,
situated in Kosmos, on the Northern side of the Dam.
The entrance to the guest house might look unimposing,
but what awaited us inside certainly made our time here memorable.
And for all the right reasons…
A chain, strung on the wall just inside the entrance, bears testimony to the number of couples
 who have visited and have become engaged, or pledged their love to each other.
“2Gether 4 EVER!” was put up in 2014…
I do hope that they are still together.
This seating area is to the right of the reception desk.
I can well imagine how cosy this space must be in winter.
On our arrival, staff that we dealt with were warm, welcoming and friendly.
At the top of the stairs, look out for the “Mind your head” sign,
 and on the way to our room, we found this.
An area set aside for massage…all of the beds on the right behind the drapes
 have a view out over the dam.
My wife booked a Swedish massage, which she enjoyed immensely.
We had to go through a lounge, which we had as “sole use”, to get to our room.
It was a bright airy room with great views out over the dam.
Both of us spent time here.
Me editing images while my wife sat and read…
and the pleasant distraction of the dam to intrude often
And finally our room.
What more could we ask for?
A very comfortable bed, a couple of chairs to sit on
and both a jacuzzi bath AND a shower…
For the first time in a long while, we actually spent time here.
Reading, watching sport on TV and catching up on much needed sleep.
And seeing we were celebrating a birthday,
a complimentary drink to enjoy while in the tub
Sitting in the bath, guests can see out over the dam.
The toilet is billed as a “loo with a view”,
as it too looks out over the dam.
And THIS is the view!
Anything can be forgiven when one can spend the day enjoying this vista.
Not that there was any need to forgive anyone for anything.
There is a balcony outside the room that had two comfortable chairs and a table.
A great spot to read a book or just sit and relax.
A birthday morning walk…
An interesting path meanders along the foreshore
and it is well worth exploring!
Evening, and La Dolce Vita takes on a whole different persona!
The evening was perfect for eating outside on the patio.
The view from here is either of the lights across the water, or the swimming pool
The dining room.
Practical table decorations and interesting eclectic décor.
All of which makes for great talking points and topics for discussion
“Our” lounge, at night, as seen from our accommodation.
It reminded me of a cabin on a cruise liner.
Although not mentioned on the menu, the kitchen can (and will) rustle up
either a salad or a sandwich for lunch.
I had asked for mozzarella cheese on my toastie, and I got more than I bargained for.
The salad that my wife ordered was sufficient for two people,
and was made exactly as she had ordered.


A different take on a traditional lamb shank, a lamb shank cutlet.
Known as Osso Bucco, this is a Northern Italian dish that is served without tomatoes.
Probably one of the most succulent meat dishes that I have ever tasted.
The dinners, included in the package, consist of a starter, main and dessert.
If I am allowed one suggestion, it would be to offer guests
 a house white or red wine by the glass.
Both dinners we enjoyed were ended with beautifully presented
 Belgian chocolates and cappuccino.
For some reason, most establishments will put mushrooms
 on a breakfast plate, even if it has not been requested.
Not here…my “Breakfast of Champions” was served exactly as ordered.
To her credit, Nancy, our waitress, did write down our order,
rather than try to commit it memory and possibly getting it wrong.
As an aside: All the staff that we interacted with were friendly and professional.
Breakfast on the patio?
It would have been ideal, except that the wind was not playing along.
Some interesting decorative items that can be found
scattered throughout the public spaces in the guest house.
I do like the eclectic mix of styles at La Dolce Vita.
And finding items like this turned our time here into a mini treasure hunt.
The garden is full of a variety of bird species.
This Cape Thrush came to take a closer look at what was on our plates…
The bright flowers also attracted a multitude of bees.
All of whom were very focussed on pollen collection.
Almost time for bed…and a first for me.
I managed to capture the path of a shooting star, which can be seen on the right side of this image.
Interestingly enough, I did not notice it when I was taking this shot.
It was not only me that missed it, two other guests who were with me also failed to see it.
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