Birds of the Pilanesberg.

These images were all taken during my recent trip to Tented Adventures in Pilanesberg.
This is the view from the hide at Ratlhogo Dam
A well known hide to regular visitors, but it was my first time there.
After a couple of hours of absolute silence on my own, the tranquillity
 was shattered by a very noisy group of International tourists.
Despite the “Silence Please” signage they chose to chat extremely loudly in the enclosed space.
What made it even more annoying for me was the fact
 that they kept trying to keep each other quiet!
How did they do that?
By telling each other to “shush” LOUDLY.
Needless to say, it was at this point that I left the hide.

Mankwe Dam.
My favourite hide…even if it does get a lot of visitors.
Pied Kingfisher. 
There seemed to be a lage number of this species everywhere I looked.
Their hunting behaviour is quite spectacular.
Giant Kingfisher.
I was so focussed on this bird that I almost missed the Black Rhino
 that  behind it on the far side of the dam!
Little Egret.
Fluffing up the tail feathers while hunting.
Birds will often use the shade of their wings to enable them to see their prey more clearly

White-browed Sparrow Weaver.
A regular visitor in the Tented Adventures camp site.

Kori Bustard.
Weighing in between 7-18kgs,
the males are the heaviest flying bird in the world.
Crested Francolin.
The alarm clock of the bushveld

Little Grebe (Dabchick).
For such a small bird, it has the loudest call.

Arrow marked Babbler.
This bird was trying out it’s Owl pose…

Helmeted Guinea fowl.
They remind me of a cartoon version of the dreaded Velociraptors in Jurassic park.
Except they do not have the capability to open doors…or kill humans.

Egyptian goose.
A male showing off before mating

Black shouldered Kite.
If in doubt about this species, the incredibly bright red eyes are the 
Grey Heron.
Breakfast is served…
Lesser Striped Swallow.
Seasonal visitors from Europe
African Spoonbill.
Time to look for a meal.

Carmine Bee-eater.
A beauty in the late afternoon sunlight

White-faced Duck.
These ducks always look surprised.

Green-backed Heron.
A stunning bird that stayed and posed for me.
Shaun Coetzee, camp manager, jumping for joy.

My Tented Adventures accommodation.
Why not take a walk on the wild-side and come and enjoy the food and hospitality
here at Tented Adventures, Pilanesberg.
To find out more about what we offer,
visit our website:
Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
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