An authentic safari experience at Tented adventures, Pretoriuskop, Kruger National Park

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As the resident Blogger and photographer for Tented Adventures,
I wanted to share the type of experiences that guests can expect
when they visit their camp at Pertoriuskop.
The staff and one of the guests seemed glad that I was returning to Tented Adventures.
This greeting party was in addition to the glass of juice that I received on arrival.
The former is unusual, the latter is standard procedure for all arriving guests.
Tented Adventures in the early morning.
Not all the guests go out for the morning drive as the wake up call is at 04h30!
Often self drive guests decide to go out later and if this is the case,
breakfast packs are organised by the staff.
Guests who have gone out on a drive will return to camp at around 09h30.
and can enjoy a leisurely breakfast either outdoors or inside depending on the weather.
Tented Adventures accommodation.
Flanked by parked vehicles, this corner tent offered privacy and a view that included
Impala and a variety of bird-life.
Although the weather was somewhat cooler than previous visits,
the fan did get used a lot.
That being said, the nights were chilly, and snuggling down under the duvet
was most welcome.
The shared ablution block is a mere 70m from the camp site.
Spotlessly clean it offers three showers and two toilets.
There are four hand basins as well.
Both male and female facilities are housed in this one thatched unit.
Allow me to introduce the field guides that work at Tented Adventures:
This is Enock Mkansi, a tracker turned field guide.
Quietly spoken, but with a wealth of knowledge.
Field guide, Jason Banford is passionate about birds.
His knowledge is contagious.
Camp manager and field guide, Michael Westraadt
He has a nack of finding chameleons and tortoises in the middle of the road!
This is Marvelous…just one of the staff members that guests get to interact with.
He has a personality and a nature that visitors will remember long after they have departed.
They will certainly remember the food that he prepared.
And this is Stephan…one of two brothers who call Tented Adventures home.
His infectious smile and his cheerful laugh are an absolute joy to experience.
Not forgetting his expertise in the kitchen.
Temba…who never stops smiling.
A HUGE favourite with the guests.
Tented Adventures is about shared sunrises and sunsets.
Each one different and special it its own way.
From silhouetted trees and hills in the early morning light…
To the African sun peeking through the foliage alongside the road…
To the vast African sky
As the sun quickly sinks behind the Western horizon,
Colour tinged clouds as the sun vanishes and we head back to camp
There are no night drives offered by Tented Adventures,
but Sanparks do offer an after dark drive from 20h00-22h00.
Meals are often eaten in the shade of this huge Marula Tree in camp.
Meals are the best times.
When guests from all over the world share their stories with the camp staff and each other.
Michael letting the guests know what was on the menu for this particular meal.
Starter, main course and dessert!
There are interesting historical sites to visit just off Voortrekker Road.
We searched in vain for the grave mentioned on this plaque
Not too far away, another site with the remnants of this concrete dam.
But the Tented Adventures guests come to see the wild life.
This Cheetah male had taken time to roll in a Rhino midden while scent marking his territory.
This European Roller was having an Elegant Grasshopper for breakfast.
Why not take a walk on the wild-side and come and enjoy our food and hospitality
here at Tented Adventures, Pretoriuskop, in the heart of the iconic Kruger National park.
To find out more about what we offer,
visit our website:
Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
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