A guest posting by Enock Mkanzi, a safari guide at Tented Adventures. Pretoriouskop. Kruger National Park

“Hello, my name is Enock Mkansi and I am a guide at Tented Adventures,
Pretoriuskop in the Kruger park.
My father was a guide and what he shared with me while I was growing up 
has made me the man that I am today.
I started out as a tracker and my love for people and nature has led me to become a field guide.
I enjoy meeting people who come from different cultures and international destinations.
People from all walks of life, who like me, share a passion for the bush and nature.
I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and being a field guide enables to do just that”. 
I enjoy showing my guests the multitude of hyenas that live very close to our camp site.
Even though they have a fearsome reputation, they have a fun side…
as this image shows.
This is what our guests come to Africa for.
The majestic Lion…lord of all that it surveys.
The Giraffe has become extremely popular with out international tourists.
Fun fact #401: The Giraffe has the same number of neck vertebrae(7) as a human!
The largest land mammal on the planet!
The African Elephant.
Many people don’t know that an elephant can swim.
Our dams here in Kruger are not deep enough for that activity,
but they do enjoy playing in the water when the herds come to drink.
Fun fact #2: Elephant herds are led by an older female.
The males are actually excluded from the herd before they reach sexual maturity,
and go on to for their own bachelor groups before becoming solitary
 once they reach breeding age.
“I look forward to sharing more of my knowledge when you come and visit”
Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
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