Will YOU be a Lion in 2018?

In the African bush-veld,
the Elephant is the largest…


The Giraffe is the tallest…


The Cheetah is the fastest…


The Buffalo is the most dangerous…


And yet the Lion is “The King” without any of these attributes.
How? Or more importantly why?


A Lion is fearless…
It walks with confidence and the courage that nothing will stand in its path


A lion is not afraid of anything.
It will often attack prey much larger than itself


They believe that in every crisis there is opportunity.


Everything is a meal…


They believe that they are unstoppable.
They are risk takers…


You don’t need the be the largest, the fastest, the most dangerous
or the cleverest…
All you really need is the ability to believe in yourself and your own capabilities.


And like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz,
you need courage and the will to try (and possibly fail).
Have faith in your own abilities!
Accept the opportunities that 2018 offers.
Believe in yourself and MAKE IT HAPPEN.
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