I venture back to Tented Adventures, Pretoriuskop, Kruger National Park.

The staff and one of the guests seemed glad that I was returning to Tented Adventures.
This greeting party was in addition to the glass of juice that I received on arrival.
The former is unusual, the latter is standard procedure for all the arriving guests.
My “home” for the next few days.
Flanked by parked vehicles, this corner tent offered privacy and a view that included
Impala and a variety of bird-life.
Although the weather was somewhat cooler that my previous visits,
the fan did get used a lot.
That being said, the nights were chilly, and snuggling down under the duvet
was most welcome.
But, staying in camp while in a game reserve is not an option for me.
Watching the sunrise over the African landscape is.
Time to head out to see what photo opportunities the park held.
This baby elephant was staying REAL close to mom as they crossed in front of our vehicle.
Elephants make great parents and the herd females act as aunts
to help mom when required.


From the largest animal on the African continent to one of the smallest…
A Flap-necked Chameleon tries to hide in the foliage in the side of the road.


The Kruger Park is home to a very large population of Spotted Hyena.
Usually found in dens near all the major roads, the youngsters tend to be inquisitive.
 One of the pups that we saw was playing with the plastic cover that it removed from a tow hitch.
They have been known to try and chew on car parts and tyres, just because they can!
They get a look in their eyes not to different from that found
 in human children who have been caught doing something wrong.


On this particular trip the cats seemed to be elusive…
or we were always on the wrong road.
Finally, on my last drive, we were able to spend some time
with this cheetah male as he basked in the early morning light.


It is not always about animals that have teeth and claws,
or for that matter hooves and horns.
Something as simple as this spider web backlit by the rising sun is able to excite.


And the landscape is truly spectacular.
The rocky outcrops that can be found in every direction are cause
 to stop and observe in wonderment.


You too would look as grumpy as this African buffalo
if you weighed as much as he does…
and YOU were lying on your genitalia.


“Smile for the camera junior”…
A female Zebra and her offspring.
Fun fact #316: Baby zebra have the same leg length at birth as the adults in the herd.
This is a defence mechanism so that predators
 cannot single out the newborns as potential prey.


An Oxpecker giving this female Kudu a “facial”.
The job of the bird is to remove ticks and parasites from the host animal.
This symbiotic relationship works well for both parties involved.


A most unfortunate choice of name for this particular dam…


The Dwarf Mongoose is the smallest member of the species found in the park.
Aside from finding this one during a drive,
there is also a family that can be found snuffling around at the camp site.


One of the Big 5 that I never get tired of seeing.
The White Rhino. Although their numbers have been reduced through poaching,
they are often one of the first animals seen on a game drive.
This leads to the guides being questioned on the poaching statistics.
Tented Adventures camp manager and field guide, Michael Westraadt,
explains about the eating habits of the rhino, based on this twig that he found in a midden.
There are no night drives offered by Tented Adventures,
but Sanparks do offer an after dark drive from 20h00-22h00.
So as the sun sets it is time to head back to camp and the dinner that awaits.
Dinner time!
After a long afternoon, a most welcome meal.
Depending on the weather, guests will either eat in the main tent our outdoors under the stars.


This is Marvelous…just one of the staff members that guests get to interact with.
He has a personality and a nature that visitors will remember long after they have departed.
They will certainly remember the food that he prepared.


And this is Stephan…one of two brothers who call Tented Adventures home.
His infectious smile and his cheerful laugh are an absolute joy to experience.
Not forgetting his expertise in the kitchen.
Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
To find out more about what they offer,
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In order to get to Tented Adventures, I used this shuttle company.
The Johanneburg/Nelspruit/Hazyview route was only recently introduced.
It is already proving to be very popular with those who chose to use Ashtons.
The pick up and drop off point in Hazyview.
If you get here early there are a plethora of shops
to browse in and buy last minute gifts or snacks.


The driver on the outbound leg was Johannes van Velden
What an interesting career he has enjoyed.
We chatted for most of the 4hr 30 minute journey.
More importantly, the shuttle left on time.
I can highly recommend this service.
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