Harties is Africa,Tented Safari Lodge.North West Province

The first trip of 2018 was to this new Safari Lodge,only 60 minutes from Johannesburg.
Harties in Africa recently opened to the public and my family and I
decided to go and see what was on offer.
It seems that glamping is the new, affordable way to spent time in the bush.
We were not disappointed.
This is how visitors first experience the entrance to the camp site,
which is hidden behind the bamboo fencing at the far end of this picture.
Although it looks like a solid wall, there is an entrance way, “hidden” in the middle.
There is a lapa and a swimming pool (that will be completed later in 2018)
on the left of the picture.
The lapa is one of two on the property…the other being on the banks
of the Magalies River that forms the frontage of the property.
This lapa, together with the one at the river, make great venues for events like weddings,
pageants and corporate workshops and team building exercises. 
There are 5 tents currently…
These three were lit by the early morning light.
There are changes planned around each tent, offering more privacy 
as well as a variety of added benefits that will enhance the guests experiences.

Although there are many restaurants in the area,
we chose to self cater…which was an easy option as all the relevant equipment is supplied.
The gas barbecues will be replaced by charcoal ones. 
This was a first for me as I had not cooked on a “skottle” before.
It cooks a lots quicker, but is loses some of the flavour of meat cooked over a wood burning flame

Who can complain about waking up to THIS view in the morning?
The magnificent Magaliesberg Mountain range.

Close to the tents is a wet land that has been designed to attract a variety of bird species.
This Cattle Egret was coming in to land in the early morning light.

This Hamerkop was trying out for a remake of Karate Kid.
And finally…the accommodation.
And this was certainly the height of luxury.
Currently sleeping two guests,
there are plans to add a sleeper couch and a lounge area to each tent.
The bed is very comfortable and the 600 thread-count linen makes sleeping a pleasure.
At the far end is the ablution area that consists of a toilet and shower.
Although the layout of the living area in each tent is identical,
the ablution area varies slightly in configuration.
For those who are concerned, these are plumbed toilets,
and not the “long-drop” variety that are occasionally found when camping.

The entrance to each tent has this outdoor entertainment area.
In the cupboard to the left is a bar fridge and all of the crockery and cutlery required.
There is also a two-plate gas hob, should you not need to make use
 of the “skottle” that can be seen in the right of this picture.
We ended up moving the very comfy armchairs to this spot and 
spent most of our time reading and watching the wild life wander past

The indoor seating area…this is possibly going to be refurbished in the not too distant future.
But, as I mentioned earlier…this is Phase 1
Time to say goodnight.
Although there is no Wi-Fi or TV there is mobile signal and electricity.
Some of the wild life that you can find in and around the camp site.
This Nyala bull was a regular visitor during our weekend stay.
Part of his harem…
The females were more inquisitive than the male,
and would stand and watch us watching them before taking sauntering off.
Something I have not seen before…
A black Impala ram.
With him is a regular coloured female.
A white Springbok!
Not an albino, as the eyes are the regular colour rather than red.
There was also a black variant in the rather large herd that roams the property.
The view from our “patio”.
The giraffe often wanders into the camp and guests are requested to give him a wide berth.
He can be temperamental and he packs a mean kick
As the camp site is situated on ground that belongs to the Sappersrus, 
it was only fitting that we paid a visit to this memorial.
This chapel can be found on a Koppie near the camp site.
It was built to commemorate those Sappers who had given their lives
 during World War 2. 
Aside from this building, there a several benches with plaques stating in 
whose name they had been donated. 
An easy walk from the tents and the opportunity to pay tribute to those
 who made the ultimate sacrifice.
It has taken me 5 years to finally get into one of these gondolas and head up the mountain.
The cable way is less than 15 minutes from the camp
and well worth the panoramic view from the top.

From the restaurant at the top of the cable-way.
Unfortunately, vast sections of the dam are now covered in water hyacinth.
An invasive imported plant species that has created havoc on the dam. 
Look what I spotted flying above the camp site!
I am uncertain as to who was the more scared…
The hang glider, the pilot or me.
Just another spectacular sunset over Africa…
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