“Harties is Africa”, a tented safari lodge. North West Province

Are looking for somewhere ‘different’ to go to for a weekend
or a midweek  break?
If so, then I suggest that you give Harties is Africa a try.
My first travel destination of 2018 was to spend a weekend here and
I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered.
Is this the future of affordable safari experiences?
This is glamping at its best…
I did not have to sleep in a sleeping bag on a camp stretcher!
Aside from the fact that the walls were made of canvas,
this could have been the accommodation offered in any self-catering game lodge.
A very comfortable mattress with proper linen made for a restful night.
This is where I spent most of my time…
Relaxing and reading a book!
There is no Wi-Fi and no TV, but that did not bother me at all.
I was surprised by how unfazed I was about the lack of connectivity.
 I put the time to good use…DOING NOTHING!
This is the view that I awoke to for the duration of my stay.
The magnificent Magaliesberg Mountain range peaking through the trees.
Harties is Africa is self-catering…
That being said all the necessary crockery and cutlery is supplied.
There is also a small bar fridge at each tent, together with
a two-plate gas hob and a gas “skottle” (in this image) to cook meals on.
There are a plethora of restaurants relatively close to the camp, should you wish to eat out.
Although it is billed as a tented safari lodge,
not all of the game species on the property have hooves.
My lens was drawn to those smaller creatures that often are not featured in publicity brochures.
Like this female Golden Orb spider that I discovered on a fence some distance from my tent.


Or this Dragonfly, perched on a Water Hyacinth stem.
When I was there, the Magalies River was almost invisible due to an explosion of this plant.
That being said, I have it on good authority that the removal of this invader species will start soon.
This beautiful reptile is a  non-venomous Spotted Bush snake.
I discovered it on the electric fence of a neighbouring property.
It had been electrocuted and was unfortunately dead when I found it.
If there is one, there are hopefully survivors that can continue to do what it is that snakes do.
“What is a weed?
A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered”
There is a variety of plains game to be found near the camp site.
Springbok are not usually in Gauteng, but there is a large thriving herd here.


This Mallard drake was showing off post mating.
This small dam/wet land is very near the camp site and
it attracts many different species of birds.
At night the sound of the frogs can be overwhelming,
 however they seem to quiet down relatively early.
A Cattle Egret in the early morning light.


A Hamerkop trying to be an extra from the “The Karate Kid”.
Seeing that the dam has MANY frogs, it is a haven for this type of bird


Wildebeeste do NOT like me!
I have had incidents with them on other properties and as a result
I tend to be wary and keep my distance when I do spot them.
As with all the animals on the property, they are WILD
and must therefore be treated with respect.
On a koppie within walking distance of the tents is the chapel.
It was built to commemorate the Sappers who gave their lives in WW 2.
To find out more about this building and the work that the society does,
visit their website:
After a wait of 5 years, I finally get to try out the Harties Aerial  Cable way!
This recommended tourist attraction is about 15 minutes away from Harties is Africa.
Was my wait worth it? It certainly was.
This was just one of the vistas from the restaurant at the top of the ride.


Unlike this para-glider I did not have to sit and wait for the wind…that never arrived.
He almost took off, but the gust died before he could get airborne.
When I arrived at the jump site he had a large audience who, like me,
where ready to capture his flight on camera and video.
One by one we realized that he was not going ANYWHERE,
so we all dispersed and went search of something to eat and/or drink.
Another awesome African sunset…
Time to say goodnight.
There might not be Internet or TV, but there is electricity!
Each tent also has a proper flushing toilet and shower.
Seeing that each tent has its own geyser, the water is instantaneously hot…
a bonus for winter showers.
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