Walkersons Hotel & Spa Dullstroom.


Walkersons was the final stop on the recent road-trip that my wife and I undertook.
And it was a return visit to the beautiful, tranquil property just 10km outside Dullstroom.
A little too early for the Sherry that was on offer in the reception area.

What better way to begin our stay than with a cup of tea and a biscuit on our patio.
The views over the various dams and to the distant mountain range are breathtaking

During our previous visit we stayed in different accommodation.
This time we had been upgraded to a suite!
A huge, comfortable bed and decent pillows were a welcome sight after our 3 hour drive.
It seems that most of the accommodation during the trip had offered King size beds.
They are great, but then we have to adjust to our smaller Queen size when we get back home.
Before you ask, our bedroom is not big enough for a King…we have measured…
several times


Our room had a spacious seating area as well as a kitchenette with a microwave and fridge.
Although with such hearty food being served in the main lodge building,
who would really CHOOSE to prepare food while on holiday here.
We got as far as boiling the kettle for tea,
and using the Nespresso machine for coffee.


All the buildings look similar from the exterior.
Some you can access from their private patios


This is the view that we awoke to on our first morning.
The second morning the mist had rolled down the valley obliterating the entire vista.


Fields of these daisies abound throughout the property.
Time to head up to the dining room for dinner.
You can just see the sliver of the new moon in the top right-hand corner of the picture.
The silhouette is of my wife who was trying, unsuccessfully,
to take a picture of the moon on her phone.
A comprehensive wine cellar…complete with a book detailing each wine on offer.
My question is…can it be termed a “cellar” if it is at ground level?
Beautiful silverware can be found on almost every flat surface.
That being said, it is not a complaint, merely a statement.
As each piece adds to the ambiance of the public areas.


The seating area near the bar.
It almost feels like a Colonial gentleman’s club,
but with less formality.
At the far end of the room is a family dining room.
Used when there are children that might be disruptive in the main dining area.


I love walking around the property just as the sun breaks through the clouds.
This was at 06h00 and I was all alone at this trout dam.
Just one of several fishermen that I interacted with in the afternoon.
All of the caught fish have to be released, and it seems that they (the fish) just don’t learn.
All the guys that I chatted to had caught at least one trout.


Looking like a building that might be found in the Scottish Highlands,
one of the rooms hunkers down in the verdant vegetation


There are dams and ponds all over the property.
This one can be seen from the outside seating area off the formal dining room


Having visited the wild horses at Kaapsehoop at the beginning of our road trip,
we ended of the trip with this small herd that can be used for out rides.


To quote a Beatles song…
“The long and winding road”…
There are paths that criss cross the public parts of the property.
Great for a post meal “wander”…


Our final morning as the mist covered not only the valley,
but the road all the way to Belfast, which was 40 kms away.

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