Tented Adventures. Pretoriuskop, Kruger National Park

My previous visit to this camp was as a 13 year old back in 1966.
It was my birthday present that I got to share with my sister and my parents.
Living as we did in Port Elizabeth, we came to Johannesburg by train
and then we joined a coach tour from there to Kruger.
It was at this outdoor screening area where Dave Stegman,
who was PR for the Park at the time, would give slide shows and talks in the evenings.
The reason that I remember him so clearly
 is the fact that a year later he came to Port Elizabeth to run the Opera House.
He went from the bush to be the General Manager of a theatre venue.
(he drowned in Plettenberg Bay while diving some years later)
Currently I find myself doing the reverse…
going from TV productions into Blog writing and photography about the bush!
During my 1966 visit, our family stayed in the rondavels.
On this visit, my wife and I were going to be staying in one of these tents.
Our first view of the Tented Adventures camp as we drove in…
Believe it or not, this is a tent!
But not just any tent…
It is one of 10 that make up Tented Adventures camp
 in Pretoriuskop, Kruger National Park.
This company is bringing a new standard to tented safari experiences.
This could be a bed in any upmarket game lodge.
A comfortable mattress and firm pillows( just the way I like them)
contributed to us awaking fresh and excited about the morning game drive.
The socket outlets above the beds have USB charging points as well as local and 2-pin facilities.
Useful in a digital age where phones and cameras need to be constantly charged.
This Dutch couple brought their own inflatable loungers with them.
This particular “chair” was featured on Dragons Den, Holland…and it got an investment!
It can be filled by scooping air into it and when packed up weighs less than 1kg.
We were rather jealous,
but they did offer us the opportunity to try these out…
If you don’t have a lounger, you can always relax in the lounge area.
Here guests can find a tea and coffee station as well as iced water on tap.
There are also fridges where food/drink can be stored.
Depending on the weather, meals can be served outdoors.
Sitting under the spreading branches of a huge tree,
this communal table allowed those in camp to share stories
as well as chat about themselves.


Night time…
And dinner was served inside the main tent.
Dinner under the stars.
What a wonderful way to end off a day full of exciting game sightings.

Speaking of game sightings…
This is how the guests get to experience the Park.
In one of the two 10 seater custom built vehicles.
Perfect viewing from every angle.


Meet the team…
This is Michael…he is the camp manager.


Braai master extraordinaire…Stanley.
He can cook up a delicious meal on a gas grill!
Themba…who never stops smiling.
A HUGE favourite with the guests.


Jason,one of  two rangers attached to the camp.
Jason included a marine module in his field guide training.
Luckily for the guests, sharks are the least of their worries during drives


Enock…tracker turned field guide.
His 7 years of tracking experience allows him to spot game before anyone else.


And speaking of game…
This is the African Buffalo, one of the Big 5…
one of the more difficult to find, but Kruger park has large herds.
These animals tend to look at you as if you owe them money.
Not a leopard in sight…
So this leopard tortoise had to suffice.


The Big 5 can be “converted” into the Magnificent 7
with the addition of  Wild Dog
And Cheetah.
This particular male was patrolling a path in the early morning light.


A Koorhaan…one of the many bird species that can be found in the Park.
This particular species is also known as the suicide bird,
given his particular mating flight pattern.
He flies up quite high and then falls back to earth,
only pulling up short of the ground.
Quite a spectacular display for both the female of the species
and the watching humans.


A spectacular African sunset.
The perfect way to end off a day at Tented Adventures.
Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
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