Tented Adventures, Pilanesberg. I spend Christmas in the bush…

I got to spend Christmas in the bush…
I could not have asked for a better “present”.
The breakfast that Tented Adventures supplies is part of their accommodation package.
It is served at the main resort restaurant just across the road from the camp site.
For those, like me, who were saving up for Christmas dinner, 
there are cereal and fruits on offer.
And, of course, the ubiquitous morning coffee…
But there is also the Full English version for those who want it.
This was just part of the delicious Christmas lunch that was served.
My accommodation for the duration of my stay.
These tents are really comfortable and they have all the requirements that guests might need.
Electricity, comfortable beds and even electric blankets for when the nights get chilly
Like any camp site, the ablutions are shared, but they are only a short walk away
This Costa Rican couple arrived shortly after I did.
They were ecstatic about the camp and their accommodation.
I was to discover that Cosa Rica was recently voted the Happiest Place in the World.
They were 1st out of 143 countries that were part of a British survey.
The runner-up was the Dominican Republic,
 followed by Jamaica, Guatemala and Vietnam.
Another of the guests, from South Africa, was taking the opportunity to catch up on here reading.
She told me that she had spent time in the Tented Adventures camp at Pretoriuskop as well.
When I asked her which she preferred, she chose not to to comment…
but with a smile and a wink she said that Pilanesberg had an awesome view.
And this must be the view she was referring to!
The evening sky as seen from behind my laptop.
This is the Tented Adventures “kitchen”…
From here they prepare wonderful tasty food for dinner.
I was going to take food pictures, but by the time I remembered, my plate was clean.
One of the tents. lit both inside and out.
Although the external light is a paraffin lamp, there is electricity in all the tents
Almost time for dinner.
Nationalities represented at the table were Costa Rica, Germany, Italy and South Africa,
What is an outdoor dinner without a blazing fire?
Pre and post dinner drinks can be enjoyed seated around the blazing logs.
My accommodation at night…
THIS is always required.
There is a tea/coffee/water station in the main tent.
Guests are able to make use of this service both day and night.
And this is the way to close off another day in Africa!
Many thanks to the camp staff for an awesome stay.
L to R: Baks, Shaun and Thomas.
Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
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