Tented Adventures. Game drives in Pilanesberg National Park. North West Province

A early morning wake up call for me at Tented Adventures in order to head out on game drive.
This is the best time of the day as the lighting in camp is spectacular,
and I took a moment to appreciate the lighting before leaving.
As the resident in-house photographer for Tented Adventures,
I could not wait to see what lay in store for my lens…
Can this be counted as a sighting?
From a photographic point of view, I doubt that very much.
This lion chose to ignore me completely
and had positioned himself within covering that made it impossible
 to access him from the front.


There a several Black-back Jackal dens in the Reserve.
In a previous game drive posting up to 7 pups were seen at this particular site.
On this occasion, only 2 were visible.
It almost looks as if this pup is frowning.


Bright eyed and alert.
This youngster was keeping an eye on a flock of Guinea Fowl that were not to far away.


Previously known as the Grey Lourie,
this bird suffered the indignity of a name change for no apparent reason…
It is now commonly known as a Grey Go-away  bird.
A descriptive name due to its call, but not “nice” as the  original “Lourie”…


Brindled Gnu, also known as Blue Wildebeest do not have a great repertoire
of “tricks” to attract the lens of visiting visiting photographers.
HOWEVER, it can lick its nose…
and that garners attention.
A young Steenbok making a get away, from both Mom
and a tour bus that drove past.


Hippo take an inordinate amount of patience to photograph,
due to the fact that for the majority of the day there are partially submerged in water.
And THIS one was no exception…
I found this crocodile on the edge of a section of Mankwe Dam.
They are not too exciting to photograph usually as this is how they spend most of the day.
Pretending to be a log…or some other inanimate object.
I suppose if it is activity I crave,
then I need to head off to the Mara for the migration…


Two of the Mousebird species enjoying an early morning snack…
The partly obscured White-backed and the more prominent Red-faced


This Red-winged Starling poses proudly in the morning light.


For a reasonably sized bird the Starling has feet similar to those of a raptor!
This is a Foam Nest Tree Frog,
although in this instance it is sitting on a rock and NOT in a tree.


This Bullfrog ended up as a meal for a Hamerkop.
It was too large for the bird to swallow whole,
and after several attempts to do so, it flew off to enjoy the meal at its leisure.


The collective noun for Rhino is a “crash”…
And this sighting certainly reinforced that.
There seemed to be some sort of dispute going on with one particular member of this group.


There were 7 rhino present, but only 2 were involved in the altercation.
This fellow just stood and watched,
perhaps the wisdom of age preventing him from wanted to get hurt.
Leave that to the younger generation…


Trotting home after a day of grazing out on the plains?


It is unusual for a mare to have two foals in attendance.
but these two were following her with the aim of having a “meal-on-the-move”.
Fun fact #21: When born, the leg leg of the baby zebra is the same at that of the adults.
This means that predators cannot distinguish the newborns,
and thus not making them an easy target.
An African sunset to end of the time in the bush.
Good night from Tented Adventures, Pilanesberg
Only 2 hours from Johannesburg or Pretoria,
Tented Adventures is ready to light your fire and passion for a real safari experience.
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