Mashatu game drives. Botswana

Some images from game drives during my stay at Mashatu.
I wonder what the collective noun for “media” is.
This vehicle contained some of the journalists who had come
for the launch of David Bristow’s new book, “Running Wild”
A first sighting…we saw 9 cheetah on our first game drive.
Something of a record number for me.
My previous best had been 5.
This youngster was doing what lions do best…
We followed this coalition for quite some time.
They were unaffected by our presence and wandered along unseen tracks.
I believe that animals always walk with purpose,
unlike humans in a shopping mall.


Then we were “distracted” by this female leopard.
She was sauntering along in the open towards a she had a kill nearby.
However, just before she reached it she decided to do a u-turn…


and returned to lie under a nearby tree.
More cheetah, this time on an Impala kill.
We must have missed the actual take-down by mere minutes.
This Black-back Jackal was patiently waiting for scraps from the cheetah kill.


The one that got away…
An Impala ram heads off at speed.


Pretending that she cannot be seen.
Giraffe have become a firm favourite with International guests
I did say that I had seen 9 cheetah,
so here is another of those.


A couple of young elephants out searching for food.


Zebra are truly photogenic…
One of my favourites.
The much maligned Spotted Hyena.
This cub belongs to the leopard that we found on our first game drive…


Just a big kitty?


A Red-billed Oxpecker catching a ride on a warthog.
Guests usually refer to these as Pumba!
That movie has a lot to answer for
when it comes to how tourists perceive African wild life.


A Helmeted Guinea Fowl…a bushveld alarm clock


From the photographic hide at the waterhole.
300 elephants in under 3 hours!
An African sunset to end of the day…
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Zulu, the horse in David’s book came from the same stables
as these horses. They came to pay tribute to both horse and writer during the official launch.
A moving and memorable moment.
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