Mabula Game Lodge, big cats during game drives.

Some predator sightings from my trip to Mabula earlier this year.
A coalition of Cheetah…always a great sighting.


“Keeping an eye open for my siblings”…


“Where has everyone gone”?
“All of a sudden I feel all alone”.


“Time for a group lick”…
These lionesses were lying in the rain and I am assuming they
 were licking moisture off each other.


“Let me give you some sisterly love”
The lionesses have been collared in order to keep track of their movements.


“That did NOT taste so good”.


Time for a BIG stretch…


“Or perhaps I can let my brother go and have a look at where the females are”
“I will just yawn,roll over and go back to sleep”


Flemmen response, which is when a lion uses a specific sent gland
to test if females are ready to mate.
These two had just arrived when the lionesses had been lying a few moments earlier.


Let us do this in tandem…
With manes and coats wet from the recent rain, they stood and tested the air.
They were not successful and decided to stay where they were
rather than follow the females.
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