Game drives from Tented Adventures, Pretoriuskop camp, Kruger National Park. Mpumalanga

Time to head off on a game drive with Enock.
He was a tracker for 7 years, before becoming a guide.
His experience shows as more often than not,
he spots the animals before the guests do.
He is an absolute pleasure to be on a vehicle with
and he imparts his knowledge and passion for the bush with sensitivity
It has been a while since my wife and I have been on a game drive vehicle together.
I do enjoy her sense of wonderment at the variety of game that we get to experience.
This special image was taken by Kyra van Arkel-van Vugt, a Dutch guest at the camp.
If only all the roads in Kruger were this “quiet”.
That being said, often when you spot vehicles it could be a sign that they are at a sighting.
More vehicles= better game
If you are in the bush between late November to early January,
then you will see plenty of youngsters.
Visitors tend to negate Impala as they are so plentiful,
but they have an innate beauty and grace.
This turtle was using the hippo as an Uber.
When the animal submerged, the reptile waited patiently for it to surface
before hopping back on and settling down for a ride
One of favourites amongst both local and international visitors.
But are they black with white stripes…
or white with black stripes?
Fun fact #23: The way to tell if a zebra is healthy is if the mane is upright.
It will “flop” over if the animal is sick or not in good condition.
This is a feature that they share with another black and white mammal…
the Orca (Killer Whale) whose dorsal fin can be used in similar fashion.
Did anyone notice the Red-billed Oxpecker sitting between the “horns”
of this female giraffe?
Fun fact #334: Giraffe have the same number of neck vertebrae(7) as humans
Can you believe that this Klipspringer can cling to a rock with hooves?
The smallest of the African antelope,
the Steenbok is monogamous and supposedly pairs for life.
Not usually on a predator menu
as the energy expended to catch is not worth the small amount of meat it provides
The Lion King has a LOT to answer for.
Most visitors refer to this as Pumba, rather than a Warthog.
They are NOT the jolly animal from the movie,
but can inflict a lot of damage if cornered.
Look carefully and you can see the tiny Hippo calf just in front of its mother.
Not really a laughing matter?
The Hyena is much maligned as a scavenger,
but it is, in fact, a very good hunter albeit somewhat lazy.
Although they do not make the best of mothers,
they do seemingly care for those offspring that survive.
Have a close look at the teeth…
they are able to exert more pressure than that of a lion!
Containing an incredible 40000 muscles,
an elephant’s trunk is a miracle of nature.
Able to tear down trees or pick up the smallest morsel.
Part of the “Magnificent 7”,
the Wild Dog is one of the most successful of all the predators.
This was the remains of an Impala kill that the pups were utilizing as a chew toy
The most dangerous of the Big 5.
The African Buffalo, especially the bulls,
always glare at you as if you owe them money!
Truly a Lion King and another of the Big 5
This magnificent beast was hiding in plain sight on the top of this rock.
He was not fazed by the line up of vehicles that had stopped to take a picture
Together with the Wild Dog, the Cheetah makes up the second species
to convert the Big 5 into the Magnificent 7.
It might be the fastest of all land mammals,
but it is not  successful at retaining its prey.
The reason being the amount of energy it expends when making the kill
leaves it vulnerable to losing the kill to other stronger predators
The cry of the African Fish Eagle is the personification
of an African bush experience.
A troop of Chacma Baboons settling down for the night…
and we head back to camp in the fast fading evening light.
With the cry of the resident Guinea Fowls as background “music”,
Jason tells us what is on the menu for dinner.
What a wonderful way to end of an event filled game drive!
Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
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