Chacma Bush Camp,Mpumalanga


This was my accommodation for the duration of my stay.
And unusually for me, only a short walk to the public areas and the pool.
(Often my accommodation is the furthest from the main building/dining area)
This chalet is ideal for a family as the second bedroom contains two bunk beds.

Shortly before my arrival the camp had been taken over by new owners
 and was in the final stages of a major refurbishment.
The camp used to be self catering, and the kitchens in each of the 3 chalets
are being converted to be utilized as other spaces.
This was the view from what used to be “my” kitchen.

A very comfy bed with a mozzie net that was most useful.
And an air-con that was a necessity as the outside temp peaked at 37°C!

The verandah outside my front door…
I was informed that all of this furniture will soon be replaced.
It was more than adequate for my needs.

Even it was VERY hot, the pool was too cool to hop in.
Seeing that the camp can only accommodate a maximum of 10 guests,
this will definitely not be overcrowded.
There are steps that allow guests to climb almost to the summit
of this cliff face behind the camp.
There were signs of baboon droppings, 
but I did not see any of the actual primates after which the camp is named.
The camp offers three full meals a day.
This was the starter of one of the lunches that I enjoyed.
Even though it was a “light” lunch, there were starters and a main course.

A variety of dietary requirements can be catered for.
This quiche was half vegetarian and half meat.
It does help if you let the camp know in advance,
as the nearest shops are quite a distance away.
That being said the kitchen staff are adept at 
whipping some tasty treats up at very short notice

Don’t feel like going out on a drive?
Then you can stay in camp and have the ellies come and visit the waterhole.
Spending time with a group of these “grey ghosts” is good for the soul.

This outcrop was to become a landmark on almost every 
game drive that I went out on during my stay at Chacma Bush Camp.

I was in the bush for the November “Super moon”.
It was a special sighting and it almost turned the night time African landscape into day.

In the fading light we head back to enjoy dinner in camp…
Luckily, this was as deep as the water got.

The sun dips below the horizon,
making a magical ending to an African day

“Bush TV”.
There is something hypnotic about sitting and watching a fire.
It was too hot to sit here, but at least one guest was prepared to try,
even if it was only for a short time.

All our meals were served in this area.
Aside from being easily accessible from all the rooms,
it also overlooks the water hole.

My accommodation looking awesome in the light of the Super moon.

Parked for the night…
The game drive vehicle in the moonlight.

Mating millipedes in my torch light…
“Get a room you two”!
This information is from their website.
Chacma Bush Camp is located in the Maseke Balule Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger, The area is situated between Hoedpsruit and Phalaborwa in Limpopo Province. It is an 8000 hectare private game reserve, which shares open borders with the Kruger National Park. The undulating landscape is home to the Olifants River north of the of camp and old mica caves dot the landscape throughout. Prominent mountainous ridges and boulder koppies characterise the terrain, making it an interesting region to explore on drive.
To find out more about the camp
visit the website:
My view through the windscreen.
My return trip started out overcast, but soon the rain and mist closed in.
Hannes, our driver, made certain that safety rather than speed was the priority.
In order to get to and from the camp, I used this shuttle company.
Great drivers on both of my trips made the time fly by.
More importantly, the service left on time in both directions.
I can highly recommend this service.
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